Kai Newkirk GOP Hot Debate Protester!

Meet Kai Newkirk

Kai Newkirk is the man who interrupted this week’s GOP debate and is becoming the latest internet sensation.

According to TMZ, Mr. Newkirk had the guts to stand up to accuse Trump and other candidates of being corrupt.

Kai Newkirk runs his own organization “99 Rise.” While Kai Newkirk attempted to raise awareness and bring attention to political issues, the public response hasn’t been encouraging. Though not exactly what he had in mind, Kai Newkirk says he can’t complain either. He did have a positive effect but only on the female crowd. If you know what I mean.

Newkirk says he noticed a surge in female followers on Twitter soon after he took responsibility for the disruption. He says he started getting comments like, “oh he’s hot too.” He’s also getting flooded on Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s state the obvious, Kai Newkirk is a good looking fella. That being, said, he is no stranger when it comes to raining his voice. His organization stands against corporate political spending — 99 Rise, is known for attacking the power of big money through creative (and controversial) methods.

During today’s debate, Kai yelled “The American people deserve free and fair elections, not billionaire auctions.” In case you didn’t hear him, he took to Twitter to say

“I just disrupted #GOPDebate 2 call 4 free & fair elections not billionaire auctions,”

“It’s time 4 a #DemocracySpring

On his 99rise bio, Newkirk writes, “I am marching because unless we end corruption and win real democracy the possibility of a just, livable future for everyone I love may be lost. My life has taught me that standing up to do the right thing to be there for those we love — no matter how hard it is — is the most important thing at the end of the day.”


According to Bustle, last year, Kai Newkirk also made headlines for secretly recording a Supreme Court proceeding and posting the footage online.

Seems like Kai is very passionate but does he has a girlfriend or not? Would you please let the public now?

You can find him on Facebook here. Don’t miss his interview below.