Joe Arpaio’s Wife Ava Arpaio

Ava Arpaio

Ava Arpaio is the wife of Joe Arpaio; former law enforcement officer and Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona for over two decades, dubbed “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”

Check these five interesting facts about Mrs. Arpaio.

Ava Arpaio

  • Mrs. Arpaio was born Ava Jeraldene Arpaio on August 25, 1931.
  • She and her husband have been married since December, 1958.
  • They have two children together; Rocco, and Sherry.
  • She felt sick from an unknown disease last January. He later  confirmed it was cancer.

“My wife Ava was recently diagnosed with cancer and it hasn’t been easy. We understand the worry and the stress all families go through when a friend or loved one is fighting cancer. Stay strong and stay in the fight..we are standing with you today!”

  • He posted a heartfelt message about Ava on Facebook, around that same time she was sick.”A lifetime in law enforcement is always a hard but rewarding career choice,” he stated in the Facebook posting. “Ava, my beautiful wife, has been with my [sic] every step of the way during my 55 years in law enforcement. From my days as a cop in DC to my years as an appointed head of the Drug Enforcement Administration in Turkey, the Middle East, Mexico, Latin America and in the U.S., to my 23 years as Sheriff of the third largest Office in the nation . . . Ava has been my rock and my anchor.”Without her, my success would not have been possible. I am not very good at heartfelt expression particularly in this medium, but here is my tribute to my wife. I hope that sharing it publicly makes it a little more meaningful.”