Danny O’Connor’s Fiancee Spenser Stafford

Spenser Stafford

Meet Spenser Stafford; she is the beautiful fiancee of Democratic politician Danny O’Connor, who is running for Congress in Ohio’s 12 district. His pretty gal is a corporate counsel for the Ohio based company Search2Close.

You probably know everything there is about Danny, therefore, let us tell you what we know about Spenser.

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Spenser Ann Stafford was born on April 24, 1990, in Ohio; she is one of the children born John and Alison Stafford (nee. Puckett), also proud parents of their youngest daughter Shelby Diann, 24.

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Moreover, Ms. Stafford holds a Bachelor of Arts in English & Literature from Indiana University Bloomington (2012); a J.D from the Capital University Law School.

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She worked as a law clerk for the Columbus City Attorney from 2013 to 2015; subsequently, did an internship at Capital University Legal Clinic. Furthermore, Spenser was a site acquisition specialist for NTP Wireless and since November 2015, a corporate attorney for Search2Close.