Steve Bellone wife Tracey Bellone (Net worth bio wiki)

Tracey Bellone is the lovely wife of democratic politician, Steve Bellone -who currently serves as the executive of Sufolk County.

Tracey’s husband is according to sources, thinking about running for governor following Cuomo’s calls to resign.
Reports say Bellone has always been interested in running for the top role and now that there’s a real opening, he is thinking about it seriously and is already in talks with some of the top national consultants in NY.

The Democratic politician may end up as the new governor of NY; want to know more? Keep reading and learn personal details about Steve Bellone, Steve Bellone wife, Steve Bellone career, his career, his achievements, Steve Bellone net worth and a lot more.

Steve bellone Net Worth

Steve Bellone net worth

Steve Bellone net worth began to increase when he worked on Schaffer’s campaign for county legislature and, two years later, on his re-election bid.

He was then elected Babylon Town councilman and later as Democratic town supervisor.

Bellone became Suffolk County executive in 2012.

In 2018 it was reported he was paid $187,000. At the time, Steve, had refused past raises.

He was authorized to earn $232,000 in 2019 but planned to continue to accept $187,000 as his salary.

In early 2020, it was reported that the Suffolk County Executive had taken a $35,000 pay increase after freezing his pay for eight years, saying county finances had improved.
Bellone made $222,124 annually in his final term while still taking a pay cut — he could have made $10,000 more under county law.

Steve bellone Net worth 2021

As of 2021 Steve Bellone net worth has not been disclosed however, online sources estimate his net worth at $6 million.

Steve Bellone Downtown deals

Steve Bellone took part in last year’s Downtown Deals. In 2020, lawmakers unveiled a plan to help struggling businesses on Long Island.
It’s called the “Downtown Deals Travel Pass,” a collaborative effort between the local tourism group Discover Long Island and Nassau and Suffolk counties’ IDAs.

Bellone said at the time

“Key to our economic recovery from COVID-19 is the revitalization and the vibrancy of our downtowns”
“Our businesses, restaurants and attractions have been left reeling from the effects of COVID-19 and it is vital that we safely welcome and incentivize guests to come back to our now re-open downtowns in order to stimulate recovery efforts across the region,” “Long Island’s vibrant downtowns are cherished among our communities and coveted by visitors and this new Downtown Deals Travel Pass provides a new tool to identify the businesses that make them so unique and encourage guests to visit.”

Steve bellone Ventures

Steve Bellone net worth

Steve Bellone Wyandanch Rising initiative

Bellone’s Wyandanch Rising initiative, was a 60-acre downtown redevelopment project he began working on soon after taking office in 2002. The project aims to create a thriving downtown with mixed-use retail, housing, a transit hub and open green space. Major construction on the $500 million public/private project is at least a year away.
Bellone also says he has made government more efficient in Babylon by reducing the number of town positions by 24 percent through job cuts and attrition.

Steve Bellone Green Homes program

The Green Homes program, which allows residents to make their homes more energy efficient and pay off the work through a special assessment on their tax bills.
The program has served as a model for other municipalities and has received national recognition. Bellone also has enforced strict green building requirements for all new large commercial and industrial construction in the town.

Steve Bellone Connect Long Island

Bellone first launched the Connect Long Island initiative in 2015, creating a regional transportation and development plan that promotes long-term economic growth through increased access and mobility by mass transit.

“Our future is dependent on adapting to the needs and desires of our diverse communities,” “The Connect Long Island website brings together all the pieces of the puzzle in a cohesive and convenient way for our residents to explore, providing updates on critical projects and resources for them to learn more.”

Steve Bellone food truck businesses

Last summer, Bellone discussed an initiative meant to offer both enhanced dining options and a potential opportunity for new business ventures through food truck ownership.

Bellone announced that the Suffolk County Departments of Economic Development and Planning and Department of Health Services will be hosting a webinar on July 7 for those interested in starting their own food truck business.

“We are working to bring our economy back stronger than ever and continue to learn what works best in regards to protecting public health,” “Outdoor dining has proven successful during the COVID-19 pandemic, and food trucks are uniquely positioned to adapt to the challenges posed by this crisis.”

Steve Bellone Charity and philanthropy

Steve Bellone net worth

Bellone an avid marathon runner, participated in the 2019 Marcum Workplace Challenge, to help the annual charity run-walk at Jones Beach State Park achieve its goal of $1 million raised for four Long Island nonprofit organizations.
In addition to joining race officials at the starting stage, he will run in the 3.5-mile event as part of the Marcum LLP team.

“I am excited to participate to help the Marcum Workplace Challenge cross the one million dollar threshold in charitable giving, to assist our local non-profits”

Steve Bellone Early life

Born Steven Bellon on September 11, 1969; he is the son of a New York City correction officer and a mother who was a homemaker.
Despite being raised in a Republican household, Bellone was influenced by his grandfather, an Irish Catholic immigrant whom he describes as a “die-hard Democrat.”

Bellone wasn’t part of student government at North Babylon High School but played football and tennis, and was an editor on the school newspaper.

He grew up across the street from Richard Schaffer, who became the Suffolk Democratic chairman. Down the block was Bellone’s classmate and best buddy Bob Stricoff, now head of the town Democratic Party and Babylon’s Industrial Development Agency. Another classmate from the block, Dennis Cohen, is a Suffolk District Court judge.

Steve Bellone net worth

And it was on Marcy Street where a young Bellone, talking politics with his best friend as they often did on the way to Belmont Elementary School, told Stricoff that one day he would run for office.

Bellone said he first was inspired to explore a career in government during a fourth-grade trip to Independence Hall in Philadelphia. “I was so moved by the great things that had happened in our country, the history that was made there,” he recalled. In his Town Hall office, Bellone keeps a souvenir from the class trip: a framed copy of the Declaration of Independence.

After earning a bachelor’s degree from Queens College, a master’s from Webster University in St. Louis and serving in the Army as a communications specialist, Bellone returned home in 1995. Bellone, in addition attended Fordham University Law School.

Steve Bellone Career

After high school graduation, Bellone worked on Schaffer’s campaign for county legislature and, two years later, on his re-election bid.

In 1997, Bellone decided to run for town board, even as five Schaffer staff members were under indictment by Republican District Attorney James Catterson Jr. on charges of falsifying documents to hide a budget deficit. Bellone calls the incident a “political persecution,” by Catterson.

He was elected Babylon Town councilman at 28 and then served as the four-term Democratic town supervisor. Bellone was elected supervisor in 2001, beating Republican Paul F. Sauberer and Green candidate Ian S. Wilder. He was named County Executive of Suffolk County, in 2012.

Steve Bellone Personal life

When it comes to Steve Bellone personal life, it needs to be said that he is a family man. He has been happily married and is also a proud dad.

Steve Bellone net worth

He has showed in the past how important his family is when een in the midst of an intense drive to show his face in every corner of the county, he took time off from campaigning to be with his family. At the time he cleared his schedule to fulfill a promise to take his daughters to Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pa.

“The two things that would make me leave public life are if I couldn’t keep my integrity or if I couldn’t spend time with my family”

Steve Bellone wife Tracey Bellone

Steve is married to wife Tracey Bellone, born Tracey Scala. The couple met as she served as a community service aide in Schaffer’s office and Stricoff, who was hired in 1997 as an aide in constituent services.
Together they are the proud parents of three children, two daughters, Katherine Ann and Mollie Elizabeth; and son, Michael.

What does Tracey Bellone do?

Tracey Bellone was appointed Babylon Town Deputy Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, a post she held from 1999 to 2004 before becoming the Suffolk deputy commissioner of parks in 2004.

According to her LinkedIn, she is still listed as the Deputy Commissioner at Town of Babylon. However, Tracey Bellone was actually let go of her job following measures adopted by her husband back in 2012.

When Steve took office in the wake of the Great Recession, Bellone inherited a growing budget gap. Within Bellone’s first few months in office, a panel of fiscal experts he brought together estimated that the county faced a $530 million, multiyear shortfall. Bellone made a series of tough fiscal decisions, laying off county employees – including his own wife Tracey Bellone, who was then the county’s deputy parks commissioner.

However, Tracey was later hired that same year in 2012, to be a deputy parks commissioner by Rich Schaffer.

Steve Bellone net worth

In 2013 it was reported that Tracey Bellone wouldn’t become a Suffolk parks trustee. It was said that a resolution that would have changed the qualifications for park trustees, qualifying her to become a board member, was defeated in the county Legislature last week.
The name of Bellone, Babylon’s deputy parks commissioner and the wife of Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, initially had been put forward for the board position, But the resolution had to be pulled when officials realized the rules do not allow municipal employees to be county park trustees.

Then in 2016, Tracey made headlines after reports said she would have to leave her $97,000-a-year job as Babylon Town deputy parks commissioner after being ordered to head a town senior center.
At the time she was told she was being transferred to become the director of the Spangle Drive Senior Center because of a retirement.

The move was viewed at the time as the result of a fed between Steve Bellone and Babylon Supervisor Rich Schaffer -who had been feuding since 2013 over control of the county party and the direction of county government.

Schaffer said Tracey Bellone’s transfer had nothing to do with his relationship with the county executive.

“I’ve always had a completely separate relationship with Tracey,” “Since I first hired her in 1985, I knew she’d be a terrific public servant. I wish her well wherever she goes.”

Schaffer hired Bellone — then Tracey Scala — to work in his office in 1995 during his first tenure as town supervisor and it was during this time that she met and began dating Steve Bellone.

48-year-old Tracey Bellone is though to be a stay at home mom, at the moment.

Steve Bellone Achievements

Bellone boasts that the county has stopped borrowing from the state to pay off pension funds for the past two years, and it has largely stopped relying on one-shot revenue raisers that contributed to poor fiscal outlooks in the past. “All the hard work we did to restructure county government, to make it more efficient, worked, and we dug ourselves out of this massive hole,” Bellone said, pointing to the close of 2019, when the county closed the year with a surplus in general fund – all without piercing the state’s 2% tax cap.

Steve Bellone favorite hobbies

As mentioned, Steve Bellone’s hobbies include running and participating in marathons.

Lessons learned from Steve Bellone

Suffolk is the fifth-richest county in the state, and its politics lean toward fiscal conservatism.
Bellone touts quite the list of accomplishments since taking office. He says he has made government more efficient in Babylon by reducing the number of town positions by 24 percent through job cuts and attrition.
One example: Bellone says he cut the number of full-time public safety officers from 12 to one, in part by using a federal Homeland Security grant that covered the installation of Wi-Fi in the town’s parks and downtowns. As part of the project, Babylon had to install 24-hour security cameras, which are monitored centrally.

Steve Bellone net worth

Of Bellone’s charitable efforts can also be viwed as a lesson, others have said about him

“Steve Bellone is leading by example – by literally stepping up to help us reach our fundraising goal. He is a great cheerleader for our wonderful charity beneficiaries, as well as a great role model for the 12,000+ Long Islanders and 200 Long Island companies that attend the Marcum Workplace Challenge each year. We are thrilled to welcome him to the Marcum Workplace Challenge and to our corporate team”

Where does Steve bellone live now?

Steve Bellone currently lives in West Babylon with his wife, Tracey, and their three young children.

Where can I find Steve bellone on social media

Steve Bellone keeps active in social media, he can be found in most common platforms including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. He writes on his Twitter bio ‘Husband, father, marathon runner, Suffolk County Executive.’

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Steve Bellone is active on Instagram where he has over 3k followers.

Steve Bellone net worth

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