Loren Gray Net Worth

Loren Gray, the internet personality and singer first gained popularity after posting videos to social media.

Loren has enjoyed major success in recent years. The beauty guru and TikTok star, who is also a keen singer, has become extremely popular across several social media platforms and has since amassed millions of followers and millions to her bank account. She is also an actress, model and dancer.

Want to know more? Keep reading and learn personal details about Loren Gray, who is her boyfriend, Loren Gray success, her career, Loren Gray net worth and a lot more.

Loren Gray Net worth timeline

Loren Gray Net worth timeline begins in 2013 when she first registered for Twitter.

She then signed up for YouNow in June of 2014.

Musical.ly was introduced as an app in 2015 and she was one of the first social stars to grow an immense following on the platform. At the time she was known as Loren Beech.

She began posting to Musical.ly, the short-form video app that eventually became TikTok, where she was a top creator from 2015 to 2018.

In 2017, she was part of the Spring DigiTour lineup alongside Nathan Triska, Tyler Brown, Blake Gray, and HRVY.

She is currently singed to two record labels.

Loren Gray Net worth 2021

Loren Gray Net Worth

According to online sources, Loren Gray net worth in 2021 is estimated at approximately $5 million.
She’s made most of her money through YouTube videos, pre-roll ads on her videos, interviews, and meet-and-greet events. She rakes in about $197,500 with every TikTok video.

Loren Gray Sponsorships

Loren Gray’s career grew rapidly because of the sponsorship deals she’s made with brands like Burger King and Revlon.
She does sponsored posts on her Instagram account and on her YouTube channel. Via these platforms, Gray also sells personal merch.

She has had endorsed a number of brands and products such as Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent and Spinelli jewelry to name a few.

Loren Gray Net Worth

Loren Gray music deal

While her early Musical.ly fame could be attributed to her lip-syncing skills, Gray has recently begun a real music career of her own.
In March 2018, she signed with Virgin Records and she released her first single “My Story” later that year.

As a singer she has released the singles “My Story”, “Kick You Out”, “Queen”, “Options”, “Lie Like That”, and “Can’t Do It” (feat. Saweetie). Gray’s collaboration with Lost Kings called “Anti-Everything” reached #32 on the US Dance chart. She appeared in the 2020 music video “The Man” by Taylor Swift.

Her most popular track ‘Queen’ has over 13 million views on YouTube. Gray is signed to Virgin and Capitol Records.

Loren Gray House

Loren recently became a home owner. She did a tour of her new crib in 2020. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Loren Gray Early life

Loren Gray was born on April 19, 2002. Loren Gray was born and raised in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Her mother is a hairstylist, and her dad is a biologist.
Her father runs an Instagram account called reallylorensdad. She has a half-sister named Jordan. She has a dog named Smudge Pom and previously had a dog named Angel Pom who passed away in 2019.

After becoming internet famous, Loren withdrew from student life at her high school and enrolled online to get homeschooled.

Loren Gray Career

As a sixth-grader, Gray started posting videos on musical.ly, and soon, her social media empire began to grow. After amassing millions of followers, Gray’s schoolmates began bullying her, prompting the family to move to Los Angeles, where Gray continues to pursue a career in entertainment.

The social media celeb now sits at a cool 43 million followers on TikTok. Most of Gray’s TikTok content consists of lip-syncing and dancing to popular audio on the app, often with fellow famous creators.

However, Gray’s talents are not limited to social media; she’s also established herself in the music industry. To further her singing career, Gray has signed with both Virgin and Capitol Records.

Loren Gray Net Worth

While she is certainly known for her online presence, Loren Gray is also much more than a TikToker creator. She is also an actress and a singer and signed with both Virgin Records and Capitol Records.
The star released her singles ‘My Story’, ‘Kick You Out’, ‘Queen’, and ‘Can’t Do It’ featuring Saweetie, and officially solidified herself as a top contender amongst up and coming artists in the music industry. Loren was also given a role in Taylor Swift’s 2020 music video for, ‘The Man’.

Loren Gray Success and Achievements

At 18, Loren Gray is a singer and internet personality worth millions. She is best known for having one of the most followed accounts on TikTok. For a while she was the #1 most-followed account.

In 2016, she received award nominations at the People’s Choice Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, and the VMAs.

With a successful career in music, booming online presence, and being among the most followed TikTok account, Loren Gray’s career will certainly continue to rise up.

Loren Gray SETUP

Loren Gray Net Worth

Loren Gray rose to prominence at 16, by lip-syncing radio hits into her front-facing camera. She is known to come up with great looking videos and revealed during an interview to NY mag that she can’t live without the:

Neewer 18″ Dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light Kit: 75W 5500K Ring Light, Light Stand, Soft Tube, Filter and Bag for Photography YouTube Self Video Make-up.

She says about her setup ‘I always have a ring light with me. I’ve had this one for three or four years — it’s lasted a long time — and it gives me great lighting when I’m filming videos for TikTok and YouTube’

Loren Gray Ventures

In addition to everything she already does, Loren Gray’s ventures includes hosting.
The talented young lady is the host of her own Snapchat show, Glow Up.

On her show, the Gen Z icon, shares her expert advice by weaving heartfelt affirmations into practical beauty tutorials. She debuted Glow Up with Loren Gray in July of 2019.

Loren Gray Net Worth

Loren Gray has also pursued modeling, she is represented by Women / 360 Managements as well as Streamline Model Management.
She has been featured by Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine.

Loren Gray Boyfriends

Loren Gray boyfriends include Joey Kisluk, Juwany Roman, Ian Jeffrey, DYSN and there’s been also speculation that she may have dated singer Hrvy.

Loren and Joey Kisluk met through the live streaming application YouNow. During their time together they appeared in several YouTube videos. The two also made a joint IG account @joeyxloren. The two amicably broke up around mid 2016 after dating for nearly a year.

Loren later moved on with Juwany Roman -the Puerto Rican Snapchat personality. The two were together for only a couple of months in 2016.

Loren Gray Net Worth

In 2017, she was romantically linked to HRVY, the British R&B singer. The two never confirmed a relationship but they posted several pitures together and spent a lot of time together at the time.

She also dated Instagram star, Ian Jeffrey for a few months from late 2018 to early 2019. Jeffrey is the younger brother of James Charles. During their time together they shared images of a trip to Disneyland.

In 2020, she began dating DYSN, who is her current boyfriend.

Loren Gray favorites

Loren Gray said once her favorite books include The Mortal Instruments and Divergent Trilogy.
Her favorite movie is The Notebook and Mean Girls. While her favorite TV show is American Horror Story.

Loren Gray Cars

After turning 18, Loren Gray got herself a car, she bought a white Range Rover.

Loren Gray Net Worth

Lessons learned from Loren Gray

Notable lessons we can learn from Loren Gray include, bravery. In 2020, she opened up about being sexually assaulted. In a statement on Twitter, Gray said that she feared someone with knowledge of the situation would reveal her story before she got the chance.
The TikTok superstar opened up about the incident which took place when she was 12, in an emotional video saying

“I felt dirty, hopeless, broken, and worthless,” “I felt like it was my fault.”
“I had my innocence stolen in the basement of somebody I trusted. I told only one person and to this day she still remains my best friend. We cried together in my bathroom for hours,” “I struggled to put the pieces together as to why this had happened to me.”

It was after her assault that Gray started to make videos, she said, to “pass the time and ease some of the loneliness and isolation.”

What does Loren Gray do now?

Loren Gray is continuously working on new and innovative content and posting throughout her different media channels.

She is currently focusing on releasing new music and recently announced a collaboration with musical group, Telykast.

Loren Gray Net Worth

Where can I find Loren Gray on social media?

Loren Gray keeps active on most social media platforms including:

Loren Gray Instagram

Loren Gray is active on Instagram where she often posts to her 21 million followers.

Loren Gray Twitter

Loren Gray is active on Twitter where she has 1.5 million followers.

Loren Gray Facebook

Loren Gray can also be found on Facebook with 1.1 million followers.

Loren Gray YouTube

Loren Gray has her own YouTube channel which she began in 2012. She currently has 3.85M subscribers and 97,919,734 views.

Loren Gray TikTok

Loren is one of the most followed TikTok creators, currently with 51 million followers.

Loren Gray Website

You can check out her website for cool jewelry merch.