Liev Schreiber Net Worth

Liev Schreiber, the actor, director and producer is widely known for his decade long career in showbiz; but how much do you know about his lifestyle, his wife, his children and his net worth? Have you ever wondered how much Liev Schreiber net worth is?

Liev Schreiber has certainly become a well recognized name, throughout his career he has been successful appearing in high profile films. Schreiber is also a stage and TV actor.
Thanks to his numerous roles, the award-winning actor cemented his status in Hollywood long ago and has remained in the interest of audiences to date.
Want to know more about him? Keep scrolling down and let’s see what more we can learn about the celebrity.

Liev Schreiber Net Worth Timeline

Liev Schreiber has been acting since the early 90’s.

Liev Schreiber made his mark when he started off his acting career by doing mostly independent films.

His big break came in 1996, with the Scream trilogy of films where he starred as the accused murder Cotton Weary. The success of the film opened numerous opportunities for the then young actor.

He earned critical acclaim after he starred in the HBO original RKO 281.

He continued to appear in more movies, the more notable include Ransom, The Hurricane, A Walk on The Moon, the movie version of Hamlet, The Manchurian Candidate and Kate & Leopold.

He has starred alongside Hollywood household names such as Hugh Jackman in the box office heavy hitter known as the 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine where he starred as antagonist Saber-tooth. He also appeared alongside Angelina Jolie in the action thriller, Salt in 2010.

Other notable works include Spotlight, The Butler and A Rainy Day in New York.

He is also an established stage performer having performed in various Hamlet and Shakespeare plays. In 2006 he played the titular role of Macbeth for a month.

Liev Schreiber has also been making a living as a voice actor for years. Believe it or not, he has been the voice of numerous animated projects. His first voice work goes back to 1998 when he played the character, Mickey Monday in the film, Desert Blue. Other voice credits include Chicago 10, Creed, Isle of Dogs, My Little Pony and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Schreiber is also a current TV actor, having appeared in numerous series on various networks. His tv credits include, Buffalo Girls, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Nature, Sesame Street and Bojack Horseman.

His most important TV role is without a doubt, Ray Donovan -the character he has played for the past seven years.

Liev Schreiber net worth

Liev Schreiber Net worth 2021

According to online sources, the actor, producer, director and writer has an approximate net worth of somewhere around $25 million.
He earned his wealth mainly from starring in films and series.

Liev Schreiber HBO deal

In 2011, HBO Sports reported that the network had renewed its overall deal with the actor to continue to be the voice of virtually all HBO documentaries as well as the 24/7 reality series, and the NFL reality series Hard Knocks.
During the lengthy negotiations, HBO had considered not to re-up the overall with Schreiber and open up the field to other narrators, but in the end it extended Schreiber.

Liev Schreiber Showtime deal

In February it was announced that A “Ray Donovan” feature-length film that picks up where the show’s seventh and final season left off is set at Showtime.

Star Liev Schreiber will return to his Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated role, and will co-write the script along with series showrunner David Hollander, who will also serve as director.

Jon Voight will also reprise his role as Mickey Donovan, and Kerris Dorsey will return as Ray’s daughter Bridget. Production is scheduled to begin later this year in New York.

Liev Schreiber Real estate

Liev Schreiber is said to have an extensive real estate portfolio. In 2016, it was reported that Liev Schreiber purchased a 3,500-square-foot home in Montauk, New York for $5.4 million. Built in 2007, the cottage-style residence features excellent views of the ocean from the upper floor.
In addition he owned three adjacent condos in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City.
Liev shared these properties with ex Naomi Watts, it isn’t clear what happened to mentioned assets following the couple’s 2016 split.

The former couple also spent time at a property in Los Angeles. The 4,410-square-foot property lies in the affluent neighborhood of Brentwood.
This residence was actually purchased by Watts in 2004 for $4.2 million; which means, presumably, that she took sole ownership of the property following the couple’s split.

Liev Schreiber Ventures

In addition to acting, Liev Schreiber is also a screenwriter and narrator.

Liev Schreiber net worth

Liev’s deep, baritone voice has also led him to work as a narrator and voiceover artist for numerous clients.
His catalogue of narrated works is without a doubt varied. He has lend his voice to commercials for Infiniti. Also, he narrated the 1994 world cup official film, Two Billion Hearts.
He is also the voice behind HBO’s Sports of the 20th Century documentaries and HBO Boxing’s Countdown and 24/7 documentary series.

Other notable narrations and voice over work includes Magic & Bird: Courtship of Rivals, History Channel’s Ape To Man and America: The Story of Us, HBO’s Hard Knocks, Hitler’s G.I Death Camp on National Geographic Channel. He also provided voice over work for the Kia Stinger GT commercial in 2018.

Another of his ventures includes screenwriting and directing. Liev actually wrote a screenplay bout his relationship with his maternal grandfather. He abandoned the project and later decided to make an adaptation of Jonathan Foer’s novel, Everything is Illuminated. He proceeded to write the adapted screenplay and also directed the entire project. The movie marked his directorial debut which was released in 2005.

Liev Schreiber Charity and philanthropy

The actor is known to support a number of causes including Autism, Cancer, Children, Creative Arts, Health, Mental Challenges, Women.

Liev Schreiber net worth

Liev Schreiber is also a member of Feeding America’s Entertainment Council. In this role, he mobilizes the public in support of our mission to end hunger in America.

Liev Schreiber Early life

Isaac Liev Schreiber was born on October 4th of 1967 in San Francisco, California.

In his youth, Schreiber started to get involved in theatre for the first time. After graduating from university, Liev attended Hampshire College, the University of Massachusetts, and the Yale School of Drama, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He eventually received a master’s degree in drama from Yale in 1992.

Liev Schreiber Career

Schrieber didn’t have much luck during the start of his career, but he eventually landed a breakthrough role in the “Scream” film franchise, playing the murderer Cotton Weary. He followed up with roles in films like “RKO 281,” “Ransom,” “The Hurricane,” and the film version of “Hamlet.” In 2002, Liev played an assassin in “The Sum of All Fears.”

Another major step forward came in 2004 when Schreiber joined the cast of “The Manchurian Candidate” alongside Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington. In 2006, he booked another major role in “The Omen.”

Liev Schreiber net worth

Although his film career was certainly progressing at a strong pace during this period, Liev continued to return to the stage periodically. He is especially known for his mastery of Shakespeare, and has appeared in major productions of plays such as “Cymbeline,” “Hamlet,” “Henry V,” and “Macbeth.” In 2002, Schreiber won a Tony Award for his stage performance in the Broadway revival of “Glengarry Glen Ross.” He also became a sought-after narrator during this period, and he has lent his voice to a wide range of documentaries.

In 2008, Liev appeared in the film “Defiance” alongside Daniel Craig. In 2017, Liev voiced the Storm King in the animated film “My Little Pony: The Magic.” In 2018, he booked another important voice-acting role in the animated film “Isle of Dogs.” That year, he also voiced a villain in the animated film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”

Liev Schreiber Personal life

Liev Schreiber’s personal life seems like the script of a movie.
His parents were both artists, and at the age of one Liev relocated to British Columbia with his family. His parent’s used to call him, Huggy.
When Liev’s mother Heather, became convinced that her husband, Tell Schreiber would admit her to a mental institution, after experiencing with substances, she ran away with her young son.

Liev Schreiber net worth

His father then hired private detectives to track his wife and son, and he eventually caught them both at a hippy commune in New York. By the age of five, Liev’s parents were engaged in a lengthy lawsuit over the custody of their child, following their divorce. His mother eventually won the legal battle, and Liev spent the next few years living with her in a small apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The property frequently had no electricity or hot water.

Liev Schreiber has 4 step brothers through his father, Canadian-American actor Pablo Schreiber, Charles Schreiber, Max Schreiber and Will Schreiber.

Liev Schreiber Wife

Schreiber’s sole relationship of note was with actress Naomi Watts, and in 2010 Watts stated that Schreiber had given her a ring. That being said, it was never confirmed that the pair were legally married.

In 2016, the pair separated after 11 years together. It is not clear how this separation played out financially. It is assumed that they had a common-law relationship. The ex’s keep an amicable relationship.

Most recently he has been romantically linked to young model, Taylor Neisen.

Liev Schreiber Children

Liev Schreiber net worth

Liev Schreiber is the proud father of two children from his previous relationship with Naomi Watts.
The ex’s had their first child together in 2007, a son whom they named Aleksandar ‘Sasha’ Pete. The following year, in 2008 they welcomed a second son, Samuel Kai.

Liev Schreiber Awards and honors

Liev Schreiber has received numerous awards and nominations throughout his career, thanks to performances in films like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Spotlight and Salt.

Liev has won some of his most notable awards as a result of his stage performances. The Tony-winning actor who has appeared in more than 50 films.
He won the Detroit Film Critics Society Awards for Best Supporting Actor for the film, Spotlight.
He has also been nominated for best actor and outstanding lead actor at the Golden Globes and Emmys respectively.
His role as Ray Donovan won him multiple acclaims from fans and critics, as well as five Golden Globe and three primetime Emmy nominations.

Liev Schreiber Achievements

Liev Schreiber is one of the most loved to watch actors of all time. He first started to appear in mainstream productions in the 90s, and today he is one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry. In addition, Schreiber is an accomplished voice actor who has taken roles in a variety of animated films.

Liev Schreiber favorite cars and toys

Liev Schreiber net worth

Among Liev Schreiber’s cars and other toys we find that the actor, keeps things relatively low key by driving a Mercedes.

He is also a fan of other rides, and his collection includes a Vespa Scooter.

Liev Schreiber favorite books

Liev revealed during an interview that as a kid, he was encouraged to read by his mother and grandfather. His favorite books at the time included

I loved “Grimms’ Fairy Tales” and Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I also enjoyed reading out loud, especially Shakespeare.

Favorite quotes from Liev Schreiber

“There is no reason anyone should have to go hungry in this country. Feeding America has been an invaluable resource to so many people struggling to feed themselves and their families. The time my sons and I have been able to spend working with them has been truly invaluable to us.”

“There’s something cathartic about swearing 150 times after spending ten hours in the editing room.”

“Acting is like an addiction – once you start, you can’t stop.”

“My publicist told me not to talk about politics but, yes, I think we have a president who stole the election.”

“You can think about your career or you can think about your job. I like to think about my job.”

“I was a writer. I just wasn’t a very good one. I was lucky enough to have a playwriting teacher who told me that I’d be a better actor than I would a playwright.”

“There’s the private persona and the public persona and the two shall never meet”

“If you fall in love with somebody you’re working with, fine, but wait till your project is over.”

“Every girl I’ve gone out with has said something to me first.”

“I was always curious about motivation and intention, and really, that’s a lot of what acting is.”

Lessons learned from Liev Schreiber

Liev Schreiber net worth

Liev opened up about his memories of his maternal grandfather, and remembers him fondly. It is safe to say he learned much from him, he said during a recent interview

After my parents divorced in 1972, my mother and I moved to New York’s East Village. We also spent time at the apartment of my maternal grandfather, Alex, who lived nearby on Washington Place. He was a meat distributor and drove a truck. From time to time, he let me work on it with him. He was like a father to me.

When I act in “Ray Donovan,” I think of my grandfather. I still admire his stoicism, toughness and strength.

My grandfather came to see me perform at the Public before he died in 1993. Backstage, he said he loved my performance and was overjoyed for me. He had this habit of laughing and crying at the same time, so happy that his eyes would tear.

During the same interview he also talks about other influencing figure

Everything changed for me in the early 1990s when George Wolfe invited me to become part of New York’s Public Theater. George was the artistic director. He said if I made a commitment to the Public, they’d make a commitment to me.

Over the next five years, I had an opportunity to grow and showcase myself as an artist at one of New York’s cultural epicenters. I also appeared regularly in the Public’s “Shakespeare in the Park” productions.

What does Liev Schreiber do now?

The 53-year-old star currently stars in Showtime’s “Ray Donovan,” which began season 7 last November. It was also the final season of the show.
The show ran from 2013 to 2020 and had 82 episodes, which earned multiple Emmy, Golden Globe, Writers Guild and Critics’ Choice nominations.

Where does Liev Schreiber live now?

Liev resides in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood. He moved into the apartment in 1994. The relatively small one-bedroom was upgraded after he bought the duplex next door and broke through.

Where can I find Liev Schreiber on social media

Liev Schreiber is active on most common social media platforms including

Liev Schreiber Instagram

Liev Schreiber has an official Instagram account with over 500k followers.

Liev Schreiber Twitter

Liev Schreiber can also be found on Twitter, where he has over 200k followers.

He writes on his bio ‘Hirsute actor type best known for his slavic fat pads and shockingly attractive children.’