Hugh Laurie Net Worth

Hugh Laurie, the Brit actor and singer is widely known for his long career in the entertainment industry, but how much do you know about his lifestyle, his wife, his children and his net worth? Have you ever wondered how much Hugh Laurie net worth is?

Hugh Laurie is certainly an iconic artist, throughout his career he has been successful both on TV and on the big screen.
Thanks to his numerous roles, the award-winning actor cemented his status long ago and has remained in the interest of audiences to date.
Want to know more about him? Keep scrolling down and let’s see what more we can learn about the veteran star.

Hugh Laurie Net Worth Timeline

A comedic actor by trade, he got his start playing several roles on the British There’s Nothing to Worry About!

Laurie began to headline more and more series, becoming a staple on British television for years before he found success in America.

His most significant break came in 1990 when he paired with frequent collaborator Stephen Fry on the hit series Jeeves and Wooster.

Hugh Laurie net worth

He began appearing on the big screen in films like Sense and Sensibility and the 1996 remake of 101 Dalmatians, according to IMDb.

By 2004, Laurie was a recognizable face in America, albeit not a star. All of this changed in House, where Laurie shared his talents from 2004-2012.

Hugh Laurie’s long-running Fox hit drama House finished after its eighth season. He became one of TV’s best-paid actors through the show’s finale. At its peak, Laurie made $336,000 an episode on the program, according to Elle.

In 2011, the House star Hugh Laurie made an estimated $9 million, making the Forbes list of Celebrity 100: TV’s Most Powerful at #97.

After House, Laurie had a chance to focus on his second love: music. His 2011 album Let Them Talk topped the Billboard blues charts for the year.

He remains a staple on television, from a recurring role on Veep to his latest HBO series, Avenue S.

Hugh Laurie Net worth 2021

According to online sources, Hugh Laurie has a net worth in 2021 of approximately $45 million.
Laurie has made his money from his long career as an actor, his music and book deals as well as other ventures.

Hugh Laurie Endorsement

Hugh Laurie net worth

The Cambridge-educated actor and musician has top endorsement deals with British Telecom giant BT and cosmetics MNC L’Oreal.
In 2011, Laurie landed a lucrative role as the face of L’Oreal. He said at the time

‘At first I thought it was a mistake, but then I realised that L’Oreal wasn’t looking for models but for people with strong personalities, who are worth it,’ ‘..and who aren’t afraid to proclaim that using cosmetics can be a very masculine decision after all.’

His voice has also been exceedingly bankable in advertising back home, where for two decades he lent his dulcet tones to an estimated two dozen brands, including Anchor, BT and Bird’s Eye.

Hugh Laurie Book deal

Additionally, Laurie is a published author. His first novel “The Gun Seller” was published in 1996, emerged a bestseller.

A sequel to the popular was announced, under the title of “The Paper Soldier”, and was originally scheduled to be released in September 2009. However, as of June 2020, it has not yet been published and is on hold indefinitely.

Hugh Laurie Music deal

A piano student and singer since childhood, Laurie also plays the harmonica, different types of guitars, drums and saxophone. His musical talent was demonstrated throughout his career, especially on A Bit of Fry & Laurie, Jeeves and Wooster, House M.D. and Saturday Night Live.

He is a vocalist and keyboard player for Band From TV, a charity rock group based in Los Angeles. He released his own blues album “Let Them Talk” with Warner Bros. Records in France on April 18, 2011; and performed in the Cheltenham Jazz Festival.
The album features collaborators like Tom Jones and Irma Thomas, among others.

Hugh Laurie net worth

In 2013, he released Didn’t It Rain, his second album in Britain and later performed on the RMS Queen Mary, which was released on DVD and Blu-ray as Live on the Queen Mary.
He has shown off his musical talents in some of his acting projects, including several episodes of “House.”

Hugh Laurie Real estate

He lives in a $3,380,000 home in London with his family and also owns Magical Garden Paradise, a luxurious villa worth $4 million in Hollywood Hills.

Hugh Laurie Ventures and Investments

In case you didn’t know, in addition to his acting roles on screen, Laurie has also appeared in a long list of voice acting roles.
He voiced the character Dr. Cockroach in the DreamWorks animated films “Monsters vs. Aliens” (2009), “B.O.B’s Big Break” (2009), and “Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space” (2009).

His other venture’s include forming the Band From TV.
Band From TV is a Celebrity-Charity-Cover Band made up of a group of actors, musicians and other celebrities who all donate their time (and hidden talents) to create live musical performances for audiences around the world. Though many of the members are known for their acting rolls, they also love to play music and it shows every time they take the stage!

Since 2006 the band has played various corporate gigs as well as charity events and numerous TV appearances. Some highlights include:

The Experience @ ComiCon San Diego, The Alamo Dome, Atlantis Resort (Bahamas), Netflix LIVE, TV Guide Emmy Party (2 years in a row), Mohegan Sun Casino, US Cellular Field, The Vic Theater, The Tonight Show.

Hugh Laurie Charity and philanthropy

British comic actor Hugh Laurie was always a regular face on the BBC’s Comic Relief charity specials, and he went on to co-found the Band From TV, a charity musical group composed of TV stars. The band’s charity trust provides funding and resources to projects including the Pediatric Epilepsy Project, Save the Children and The Art of Elysium.

Hugh Laurie Early life

Hugh Laurie net worth

James Hugh Calum Laurie was born on June 11, 1959 in Oxford. He is the youngest of four children. His father, William George Ranald Mundell “Ran” Laurie, was a physician, and won an Olympic gold medal in the coxless (pairs) rowing category at the 1948 London Games.

An Eton student, Laurie later enrolled at Selwyn College, Cambridge University, to pursue the family tradition of rowing. He rowed his way to the junior British National title and represented Britain at the Junior World Rowing Championships, in 1977.

At his peak athletic career, he trained up to eight hours a day. However, he had to leave rowing after suffering from glandular fever. Subsequently, he joined the Cambridge Footlights, a dramatic club at the university.

Hugh Laurie Career

Abandoning his rowing dreams due to glandular fever, Laurie joined Cambridge Footlights, where he met Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry and Ben Elton. The foursome entered The Cellar Tapes, their annual revue, in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival winning the Perrier Comedy Award. This led to its TV broadcast in 1982, resulting in the quartet being selected to create Alfresco, a comedy for Granada Television.

Hugh Laurie net worth

Fry and Laurie collaborated on comedies such as the Blackadder series, BBC’s A Bit of Fry & Laurie, and the ITV’s famous Jeeves and Wooster, Peter’s Friends (1992) and the 2010 retrospective Fry and Laurie Reunited.

Laurie’s notable movies include Letters from a Bomber Pilot, Sense and Sensibility (1995), 101 Dalmatians (1996), Maybe Baby (2000), Girl from Rio (2003), The Flight of the Phoenix (2004), the three Stuart Little films (1999-2006), Street Kings (2008) and The Oranges (2012).

For TV, he appeared in Spooks (2002, BBC) and acted-directed ITV’s Fortysomething (2003).

Laurie voice-acted in Preston Pig (2000, CITV) two episodes of Family Guy (2001, 2009), Monsters Vs. Aliens (2009) and The Simpsons (2010).

He wowed American audiences with his title role in the Fox drama, House M.D. (2004-2012). The Brit even fooled executive producer Bryan Singer with his impeccable American accent.

Hugh Laurie net worth

Laurie went on to star as Tom James on the television series “Veep” from 2015 to 2019, and as Eldon Chance in the TV series “Chance” from 2016 to 2017. Beginning in January 2020, he is one of the leads on the HBO show “Avenue 5.”

Hugh Laurie Personal life

Laurie keeps his personal life to himself, that said it is known that he is a happily married man and a father.
He is a one woman man and has been surprisingly married for decades.

Another fact about his personal life, is that Laurie is an atheist

‘I find my atheism is becoming more marked with each passing year. I once prided myself on a relaxed and respectful attitude to other people’s beliefs, but I’m finding it harder to keep that up. I might find myself taking a tougher line with people about certain beliefs that are so painfully nonsensical. Because nonsense is not endearing or eccentric anymore – it’s causing death, destruction, and endless torment for millions of people around the world.’

Laurie has also revealed to be a sometime sufferer of clinical depression.

Hugh Laurie Wife

In 1989, Laurie married theater administrator Jo Green in London. Stephen Fry was Laurie’s best man at his wedding, and is also the godfather of his children.

Hugh Laurie net worth

Little is known about Hugh’s wife of over 30-years. We do however know, that Jo Green was once a theatre administrator.
The couple have remained relatively under-the-radar, despite the fact that Hugh is such a big star.
Jo began dating Hugh before he became a household name in A Little Bit Of Fry And Laurie with comedy partner Stephen Fry. which began its long wrong on the BBC in 1989.
While playing the role of Dr House in America, Hugh spent nine months out of every year separated from his wife and family, who lived in North London.

The separation was extremely difficult for Hugh, but both he and his wife decided that uprooting their children would be too difficult.

When asked by The Daily Mail in 2010 if he spent more time on set than at home, Hugh said: “I wouldn’t say that doing the series has made my marriage easier. Better? I don’t know about that either.”

Hugh Laurie Children

Hugh Laurie and wife Jo Green, are the proud parents of three children; Charlie born in 1988, Bill born in 1991 and Rebecca, born in 1992.

Hugh’s eldest son Charlie played a small role as baby William in A Bit of Fry & Laurie, during a sketch entitled Special Squad.
His daughter Rebecca had a role in the film Wit as five-year-old Vivian Bearing.
Bill had a part in Hugh’s sitcom Fortysomething.

Hugh Laurie Awards and honors

Hugh Laurie has 100+ acting credits to his name including more than 20 awards. Laurie has won Golden Globe Awards for House M.D. in 2006 and 2007 and for The Night Manager in 2017. He also won two Screen Actors Guild Awards for “House”

Hugh Laurie net worth

He also received six Emmy nominations. The Guinness Book 2012 documents Laurie as the most watched TV actor.
In May 2007, Laurie was awarded the honor of Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), for his services to drama.
In 2018, this honor was advanced to a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE).
In October 2016, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Hugh Laurie Achievements

Laurie is well identified with the cranky doctor he played for eight years. The British actor, musician, and comedian is best known for his starring role in the Fox medical drama “House”, for which he received two Golden Globes and numerous Emmy nominations. He is also known for his comic work as one half of Fry and Laurie, and on the television shows, “Blackadder” and “Jeeves and Wooster” -cementing his name in the mind of millions around the world.

Hugh Laurie favorite cars and toys

Hugh Laurie as most actors has a thing for cars, Hugh Laurie’s favorite cars that he owns include a $12,000 black Triumph Bonneville, a $70,000 metallic black Cayman S Porsche and a $30,000 vintage red 1966 Ford Galaxie convertible.

Hugh Laurie net worth

In addition to his cars, Laurie’s other toys include two motorbikes, one of which is a Triumph Bonneville; as he is an avid motorcycle enthusiast. He keeps one at his home in London and the other in Los Angeles.

Hugh Laurie favorite books

Hugh Laurie favorite books include those written by P. G. Wodehouse. The actor once revealed that reading Wodehouse novels had saved his life. He said

I was, in truth, a horrible child. Not much given to things of a bookey nature, I spent a large part of my youth smoking Number Six and cheating in French vocabulary tests. I wore platform boots with a brass skull and crossbones over the ankle, my hair was disgraceful, and I somehow contrived to pull off the gruesome trick of being both fat and thin at the same time. If you had passed me in the street during those pimply years, I am confident that you would, at the very least, have quickened your pace.

But this, you will be nauseated to learn, is a tale of redemption. In about my 13th year, it so happened that a copy of Galahad at Blandings by PG Wodehouse entered my squalid universe, and things quickly began to change. From the very first sentence of my very first Wodehouse story, life appeared to grow somehow larger. There had always been height, depth, width and time, and in these prosaic dimensions I had hitherto snarled, cursed, and not washed my hair. But now, suddenly, there was Wodehouse, and the discovery seemed to make me gentler every day. By the middle of the fifth chapter I was able to use a knife and fork, and I like to think that I have made reasonable strides since.

Favorite Quotes from Hugh Laurie

Some of our favorite Hugh Laurie quotes are

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.”

“I am a coffee fanatic. Once you go to proper coffee, you can’t go back. You cannot go back.”

“Screenwriting is the most prized of all the cinematic arts. Actually, it isn’t, but it should be.”

“To be able to pretend to be something that I’m frankly not is very liberating and exciting.”

“I’m not a religious man… I find I am a fan of science. I believe in science. A humility before the facts. I find that a moving and beautiful thing. And belief in the unknown I find less interesting. I find the known and the knowable interesting enough.”

“Death and disaster are at our shoulders every second of our lives, trying to get at us. Missing, a lot of the time. A lot of miles on the motorway without a front wheel blow-out. A lot of viruses that slither through our bodies without snagging. A lot of pianos that fall a minute after we’ve passed. Or a month, it makes no difference. So unless were going to get down on our knees and give thanks every time disaster misses, it makes no sense to moan when it strikes.”

Lessons learned from Hugh Laurie

Laurie may not have taught us directly but through his famous character in Dr. House, we can draw the following lessons

Hugh Laurie net worth

Time does not change things, Doing things changes things.

People never change. They just become more of who they really are.

If you screw up, It doesn’t mean you walk away. You just learn to trust nothing.

True love is out there, far away. Possibly in another galaxy.

We all make mistakes and we all pay a price.

People get what they get, It has nothing to do with what they deserve.

Everybody lies.

What does Hugh Laurie do now?

Hugh might be well-known thanks to his impressive credentials spanning more than 40 years of acting.
In fact, at 61, the actor doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Laurie is back on the box with new BBC drama, Roadkill -which aired on October of 2020.

In “Roadkill,” the star of “House” and “Veep” plays a brash British populist dealing with a lawsuit, a love child, a mistress and a suspicious prime minister.
Laurie describes the show as “a political drama about the price of success in the political realm…It’s pretty unforgiving.”

Where does Hugh Laurie live now?

Hugh Laurie splits his time between Los Angeles for work and, North London -where he lives with his family.

Where can I find Hugh Laurie on social media

Hugh doesn’t seem to be too immerse on social media. He is active on a couple of platforms with the exception of Instagram.

Hugh Laurie Twitter

It seems Hugh’s preferred form of social media is Twitter, where he has over 1.5 million followers.

Hugh Laurie net worth

Hugh Laurie YouTube

Hugh Laurie can also be found on YouTube where he has his own channel with over 200k subscribers.

Hugh Laurie Facebook

Hugh Laurie is also active on Facebook with over 340k followers.