Bret Taylor Wife Karen Padham Taylor

Meet Karen Padham Taylor! She is the beautiful and supportive wife of Bret Taylor, the  Stanford computer programmer graduate who is the Chair of Twitter’s board of directors, CEO of Salesforce, former co-creator of Google  Maps and CTO of Facebook.


Bret Taylor Age

Salesforce CEO Bret Taylor is 41 years old; he was born in 1989, in Oakland, California. Sadly no more information about his day and month of birth, parents, or siblings.

Bret Taylor Education

Bret Taylor started pursuing his Bachelor of Science in computer science at Stanford University if September 1998, he received his degree in June 2002. A year later he received his master of science in computer science from Stanford.

CEO Salesforce

Bret Taylor joined Salesforce in August 2016, first at CEP of Quip, later promoted to president and Chief Product Officer in November 2017, and president and chief operating officer in December 2019. Bret Taylor was named Co-CEO of Salesforce in November 2021.

Bret Taylor Google Maps

Bret Taylor joined Google in March 2003, during the four years he worked there he “co-created Google Maps, Google Local, and the Google Maps API. Created Google’s developer product team and first developer conference, Google I/O.”

He left Google in June 2007, when he became an entrepreneur in residence at Benchmark Capital, according to Mr. Taylor while at Benchmark Capital “he explored startup ideas while participating in the evaluation of the companies looking for funding from Benchmark. Launched FriendFeed from the Benchmark offices in October 2007.”

Bret Taylor Facebook

Bret Taylor’s story with Facebook hit it off around the time Bret was CEO of FriendFeed, the company founded by him and other Google employees and was later acquired by Facebook in August 2009. Taylor became Facebook’s CTO (chief technology officer) in 2010.

Bret Taylor Quip & Axon

Bret Taylor founded and served as CEO of Quip in September 2012, he left Quip in November 2017, a few months after Salesforce acquired Quip for $750 million in August 2016. Mr. Taylor was on the board of directors at Axon from July 2014 to June 2019.

Bret Taylor Twitter

Twitter’s Chairman of the Board Bret Taylor joined Twitter in July 2016, initially serving in the board of directors and eventually named chairman of the board in November 2021.

Bret Taylor Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth and Marketrealist Brett Taylor’s net worth has been estimated at $200 million. Wallmine on the other hand reported Bret Taylor’s net worth is $226 million.

What Nationality is  Elon Musk?

The World’s richest man whose net worth is estimated at $264.6 billion, Elon Musk is South African; Musk is one of three children born Errol and Maye Musk. You can read more about Elon Musk’s family here.

Bret Taylor Wife

Karen Padham Taylor

Bret Taylor’s wife is Karen Padham, now Karen Padham Taylor, they got in August 2006, in Douglas County, Nevada. and have since welcomed three beautiful and amazing children.

Karen Padham Taylor

According to CNBC, Bret Taylor met his wife at a poker game, he still has one a month with some of his former Google colleagues.

“Many of my closest friends are still from that class,” he said. “I joke that I met my wife through the APM program, but that’s not guaranteed.”

Canadian beauty Karen Padham Taylor graduated from the University of Waterloo; she worked as an associate product manager at Google’s shopping search Froogle around the same time Bret worked at Google as well. Karen Taylor remained working at Google until 2010. Karen also served as RechargeIT team leader at Google.

Karen Padham Taylor created the Karen Padham Taylor Scholarship for Women in Computer Science which gives scholarships to women in computer science at the University of Waterloo. Karen alongside her husband are supporters of Lafayette Partners in Education.

Karen Padham Taylor and her husband Bret reside in San Francisco.