Alice Cooper Net Worth

Alice Cooper, the legendary singer and songwriter is widely known for his long career in the music business, but how much do you know about his lifestyle, his wife, his children and his net worth? Have you ever wondered how much Alice Cooper net worth is?

Alice Cooper is certainly a well known name, throughout his career he has been successful pioneering what is known as Shock Rock.
Thanks to a career that spans over five decades, the award-winning musician cemented his status among the great long ago, and has remained in the interest of audiences to date.
Want to know more about him? Keep scrolling down and let’s see what more we can learn about the iconic star.

Alice Cooper Net Worth Timeline

After a number of successful live performances, Alice Cooper released their third album in 1970. Love It to Death was their last chance at success, and their hard work finally paid off.

After their lead single, “I’m Eighteen” performed well on the charts, Warner Bros. bought their contract and re-issued their album with an increased marketing budget, leading to even greater levels of success.

They followed up with Killer in 1971 and School’s Out in 1972. The latter album contained the hit “School’s Out,” which reached the top spot on the charts and became an iconic, timeless rock song.

1973’s Billion Dollar Babies was the bands most commercially successful album and earned a platinum status. The album contained the hit “No More Mr. Nice Guy.”

Muscle of Love in 1973 was the band’s last album as a group. After disbanding, Cooper moved to Los Angeles and began to appear in shows like Hollywood Squares.

Alice Cooper Net Worth

In 1975, he released his first solo album, Welcome to My Nightmare. After the success of Cooper’s solo career, the group was completely abandoned.

In the 80s, Cooper recorded many albums that he cannot even remember making, as he was completely intoxicated through the use of various substances. These albums would prove to be commercially unsuccessful for the most part.

By the late 80s, he began to witness something of a comeback, although it would fade away again with the death of glam rock and the birth of grunge.

By the 2000s, Alice Cooper had switched to industrial metal to adapt to the changing trends.

In 2010, he famously toured with Rob Zombie and in 2014 he toured with Motley Crue.

Throughout his career, Alice Cooper continued to appear in a wide range of TV shows and films.

Alice Cooper Net worth 2021

Cooper has enjoyed an incredible record of longevity for an artist who, in the ‘70s, was known as “The Godfather of Shock Rock” for his elaborate stage shows drawing from horror films and the macabre.
According to online sources, in over five decades, he has amasses a net worth of $50 million.
His other pursuits outside of music, most notably film and TV acting, have also contributed to his wealth.

Alice Cooper Net Worth

Alice Cooper Sponsorships

Trough his Solid Rock organization, Cooper offers companies and individuals many opportunities to help make a difference in the lives of teens through high profile sponsorships of annual fundraising events as well as in-kind donations and volunteerism. All proceeds directly benefit Solid Rock and the programs and services offered at The Rock Teen Center.

In 2018, Solid Rock was sponsored by Bravo Pay in offering a young talented musician to open for the rock star. Not only is Alice Cooper and BRAVO Pay offering the lifetime chance to play on stage with Alice as a reward, but they also offered a cash prize.

Alice Cooper Book deal

In 2006, it was reported that Cooper had sold his memoirs to Random House’s Crown Books imprint for an estimated $500,000.

The book, Alice Cooper, Golf Monster: My 12 Steps To Becoming A Golf Addict, is billed as a candid look at his 35-year career, his drinking and his recovery, which was helped along by a new addiction to golf.

Instead of hitting the bottle, he now hits the links about 300 days a year. He traded one addiction for another and made major money on the way.

Alice Cooper Mesa Public Schools deal

The legendary rocker and his wife, Sheryl Cooper, announced a partnership with Mesa Public Schools in 2020. They projected a summer 2020 opening of a second Solid Rock Teen Center in a former elementary school at 122 N. Country Club Drive in downtown Mesa.
Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers will fund the renovations and provide more than $100,000 worth of music, arts and dance programming to youth ages 12 to 20 and the local community.

Alice Cooper Real Estate

Alice Cooper and his wife, have been longtime residents of Arizona. They have lived in the same house for over 30-years.

Tucked into a hillside on 2 acres in the Goldwater Estates neighborhood, with views of Camelback Mountain to the southeast, the once 2,000-square-foot cinder-block dwelling has been expanded and modernized over the years. In the late 1980s, the Coopers hired interior designer Tony Sutton to execute a radical makeover, expanding the structure’s footprint to 5,000 square feet, adding a second story and, at a time when mauve, busy floral prints and country decor were on trend, transforming the interiors from orange shag carpets and avocado appliances into a sleek contemporary showpiece, the style of which Sheryl dubbed “new wave Navajo.” The renovated home was featured on the cover of the August 1991 issue of Phoenix Home & Garden.

Alice Cooper Ventures and Investments

Ideas for new music and creative ventures are never thin on the ground in Cooper’s world.
That includes the Hollywood Vampires; the supergroup Cooper formed with Johnny Depp and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry.

The two rock legends teamed with Johnny Depp in 2015, and created music that pays tribute to Cooper’s old drinking club.
The friendship between Cooper and Perry turned into making music alongside famous actor Johnny Depp and several other notable rockers in supergroup Hollywood Vampires.

The band’s name pays homage to a drinking club for rockers at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood where to join, a person would have to out-drink all the other members of the club. Cooper, now sober for decades, was one of the founding members. Some of the other famous names included Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, Ringo Starr and John Lennon. The band released their second album, Rise in 2019.

Another of his ventures is his radio show, The Nights with Alice Cooper Radio -the app which is a free iOS and Android app that provides listeners with a stream of Nights With Alice Cooper program content on demand.

Alice Cooper Net Worth

In 2020, he also announced another venture, this time in the form of a hot sauce line. The Godfather of Shock Rock announced a brand new line of Hot Sauce, and it turns out, his song titles double as the perfect flavor names – “Welcome To My Nightmare,” “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” and “Poison.”

Alice Cooper Charity and philanthropy

Alice along with wife, Sheryl have focused their charitable efforts in making an everlasting difference in the lives of teens.

Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers, are a faith-based organization founded by Alice and Sheryl Cooper, Solid Rock’s primary mission is to make an everlasting difference in the lives of teenagers. “We aim to inspire and challenge teens to embrace excellence and reach their full potential through our free training in music, dance, art, sound/recording, lighting/staging, video production, and more that encourages teens to engage with our staff and peers.”

Alice Cooper Early life

Born on February 4, 1948; as Vincent Furnier in Detroit, Alice moved to the Valley with his parents when he was 12 years old.
While a student at Cortez High School, he and some classmates formed a band—first as an entry for a talent show and later as a real musical act. By the time young Vincent got into his second year at Glendale Community College, he and his band mates were spending most of their time performing in Los Angeles.
The group permanently relocated to California in 1967 and, shortly thereafter, the character Alice Cooper was conceived.

Alice Cooper Career

In 1968, Furnier came up with a plan to help the band stand out. He wanted to turn their concerts into dark, theatrical performances, and he proposed they change their name to “Alice Cooper.” He suggested the name because it sounded innocent, and because this would contrast with the band’s controversial approach to performing.

Alice Cooper Net Worth

By 1975, Vincent Furnier had legally changed his name to Alice Cooper in an effort to prevent other bands with the same name from taking legal action against the group. Eventually, the character of “Alice Cooper” transformed into a female villain wearing tattered clothes and smeared makeup.

Alice Cooper’s big break came after a disastrous gig. Almost every member of the audience left the club after they started playing. One man that remained was Shep Gordon, a music manager. He saw the band’s potential, and he organized an audition for them with Frank Zappa.

Zappa had just started a new record label, and he was looking for strange, interesting musicians to sign. Alice Cooper managed to impress Zappa so much that he signed them for a 3-year deal.
It was at this point that Alice Cooper began to refine their “Shock Rock” approach to live performances. After an incident involving a chicken caused media hysteria, Alice Cooper began to see the value in feeding the press with more insane stories. After a news publication incorrectly reported that Cooper had drunk the blood of a chicken on stage, Zappa told the young rock star not to deny these rumors in order to support the band’s growing reputation.

Alice Cooper Net Worth

Despite the attention from the media, they still failed to break through. Their second album, Easy Action, was released in 1970 and performed even worse than their debut album. Alice Cooper gave up on L.A. and relocated to Michigan, where their act was somewhat more appreciated.

Alice Cooper Personal life

Cooper got into music on a lark when he and a few fellow members of Phoenix’s Cortez High School cross-country team lip-synched BEATLES songs, and it was good enough to win a local talent contest.

He was known then as Vincent Damon Furnier, but had his name legally changed to Alice Cooper in the mid-1970s as he was getting ready to go solo.

The famous story about him biting off the head of a live chicken may have been exaggerated: he recounts that a live chicken once did manage to wander onto a stage at a performance, and Cooper tossed it into the crowd, where it was said to have met an untimely death at the hands of frenzied fans.

Alice Cooper Net Worth

Along the way to fame and glory, Cooper also became an alcoholic who went into rehab several times. He’s now a syndicated DJ on classic rock stations, and in 1994 became a born-again Christian.

He still plays about 100 gigs a year, and the shock-rock routine still rules. But he also manages to play golf nearly every day and is said to be one of the better celebrity golfers at the Bob Hope Classic. Golf, more than anything, is what helped him stay more or less straight, he has stated.

Alice Cooper wife

Alice Cooper’s wife is Sheryl Goddard, the two have been married for over 40-years.

Sheryl is a dancer, who was born in 1957 in the US. She is now a choreographer and a ballerina by profession.

Although Sheryl keeps a low profile, her husband often gushes about her to the press.

Cooper has previously called her the “greatest girl in the world”.

The pair share religious beliefs in common. Cooper told the New York Daily News: “My wife and I are both Christian. My father was a pastor, my grandfather was an evangelist.
In 1983, Sheryl moved out and filed for divorce on account due to his alcoholism, but it was short-lived and the pair got back together when Cooper promised to stay sober.
The couple met when Sheryl began dancing in his stage performances in 1975 and were married in 1976.

Alice Cooper Net Worth

Alice Cooper children

Alice and Sheryl Cooper are the proud parents of three children, a son and two daughters.
Their daughter Calico was born in 1981, with a son Dash arriving in 1985 and another daughter, Sonora, born in 1993.

Dash welcomed kids of his own in 2014, Riot and Falcon, making Alice and Sheryl grandparents.
Sonora is a makeup artist who married Diego Diaz in 2018.

Alice Cooper Awards and honors

Alice Cooper’s career spans half a century and in 2011, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Despite his long career, he has enjoyed pretty consistent success. Perhaps one of his biggest hits was “Poison” which was released in 1989 and reached a peak chart of 7th in the US and 2nd in the UK.

Alice Cooper Net Worth

Among his other honors, he was inducted to the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2002, in 2004 he received an Honorary Doctorate of Performing Arts degree from the Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ.
In 2005, he was inducted to the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame and has won dozens of awards throughout his career.

Alice Cooper Achievements

The fake guillotine beheading and blood, the snakes he wrapped around himself, the electric chair and more visuals made Cooper’s show stand out in the crowded rock field in the ‘70s. That said, many believe that the secret to Cooper achieving over fifty years as a recording artist is in the songwriting.

“Elected,” “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” “Billion Dollar Babies,” “School’s Out,” “You And Me,” “Only Women Bleed,” “I Never Cry,” “I Love The Dead,” “I’m Eighteen,” the list of hits goes on and on.

Alice Cooper favorite cars and toys

Off stage Cooper is a reflective family man with many interests, including golf and classic cars. During an interview, when asked what cars does he own? He said

Alice Cooper Net Worth

‘the ’66 Hertz Mustang signed by Carroll Shelby, a 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, 2015 SRT with the shaker hood, 1963 Avanti, 2003 Mach One with a shaker hood and a 2017 Maserati convertible. That’s a great car. I’m normally an Aston-Martin guy but I drove the Aston-Martin and then I drove the Maserati and I really liked the Maserati. It’s got more power and it’s more comfortable. The Hertz runs as good as it looks, the guy who owned it was a mechanic.’

Favorite Quotes from Alice Cooper

“Drinking bear is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that’s a tough call. That’s rebellion.”

“If you blink your eyes or go get a Coke, you’ve missed 10 things.”

“If zipper catches skin, I’ll know I had it out when I should a kept it in.”

I think he was trying to produce more of a… sort of a cheaper image.”

“Old enough to be drafted but not old enough to vote.”

“The hippies wanted peace and love. We wanted Ferraris, blondes and switchblades.”

“Just because I cut the heads off dolls doesn’t mean I hate babies, I just hate dolls.”

Lessons learned from Alice Cooper

Back in 2017, Cooper sat down with Forbes and shared some lessons for those looking to make it into rock. Some of the wisdom he shared is as follows

1. Put the music first, do it live first. Cooper is known for his elaborate stage show, with snakes, swords, snakes, electric chairs and guillotines. So what he means is that you should first be good in concert, then write songs, then go into the studio and start becoming who you are.
He thinks that bands today, just go into the studio and then when they perform in front of an audience, ‘they are like a deer in the headlights.’

2. Always believe the best is yet to come. Pretty self-explanatory, Cooper believes you shouldn’t be in the business if you aren’t always looking for the next best thing. He told ‘I know that there is a better song out there than ‘School’s Out.’ I just need to find it, and I will do so as long as I’m healthy.’

Alice Cooper Net Worth

3. Write songs with passion and about passion. “I don’t understand why young bands don’t want to be outlaws. I don’t understand why young bands want to be anemic.’ Do tell me about your girlfriend, that is what rock is about.”

4. Forget about politics. “I couldn’t care less about your politics. I don’t think politics and rock ‘n’ roll should be in bed. My job is to take you away from the news, not to bring the news to your front door.”

What does Alice Cooper do now?

At 73, Cooper doesn’t seem to be slowing down. He recently released his new album, Detroit Stories, in February of 2021.
According to critics, the album takes the shock rock icon back to his roots, back to the early days of playing the Grande, ‘where he recalls some weekends it would be him, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, the MC5 and the Who, or the Kinks or Savoy Brown.’

During an interview, Cooper said that he is just waiting to get vaccinated to get on the road. About the making of his new album and adjusting to life at home he said,

Most of my life has been on the road. At the same time this has never happened in the history of the world where the world just stopped and everybody had to reorganize. But that didn’t mean you couldn’t write and record songs. I found myself writing a ton of songs. Johnny Depp called the other day, from the Vampires, and he goes, “I’ve got so many songs written.” I said, “Joe Perry says, ‘Me too.’ And me too. Let’s put out a triple album.” That’s all you really can do is write and stay connected that way.

Where does Alice Cooper live now?

Alice and his wife have lived in Phoenix, Arizona for many years in a large hillside mansion.

Where can I find Alice Cooper on social media

Alice Cooper is active on most social media platforms including

Alice Cooper Instagram

Alice Cooper is active on Instagram with over 1 million followers.

Alice Cooper Net Worth

Alice Cooper Twitter

He also keeps an active Twitter account, where he has over 840k followers.

Alice Cooper Facebook

Cooper can also be found on Facebook with over 4 million followers.

Alice Cooper YouTube

Alice has his own YouTube channel with over 400k subscribers.

Alice Cooper Website

He also keeps a website where you can find his latest tour dates, news, updates and merchandise.