Stripper Cassidy- Fired after Leaking Photo posing with Katy Perry


Bad news for a Santa Barbara stripper known by the stage name of  “Cassidy. “ The brunette was let go from her money-making gig at Santa Barbara’s Spearmint Rhino club! What did the dancer and mother of one did that was so wrong??

Well she broke a golden-rule of the workplace, never, ever, ever, ever! Make a picture with a client public because it obviously violates the clients privacy. Her mistake goes beyond just breaking the rules because her clients wasn’t just any client but none other than Katy Perry and boyfriend John Mayer!

Cassidy who was probably ecstatic to meet the singing couple posed for the picture that was leaked and she had to pay for the broken glass, even when its not known who leaked the images to social media.

Who could have thought Katy’s visit could have left Cassidy without her hard-earned money!


23-year-old Cassidy, pictured to the right of the original photo obtained by TMZ, was fired. Cassidy was fired even though there were other girls in on the Perry photo. So why did Cassidy receive special treatment? Maybe the strip club was looking to make an example out of someone and might not have been able to afford to can all of the strippers. Or she could also have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

According to TMZ, Cassidy who is clearly seen in the Katy Perry photos, was fired in front of all the other girls, and this was done in order to send a clear message to the rest of the dancers, which was, don’t mess with the client’s privacy. Unfortunately it seems like the only person that really suffered from the celebrity sighting with Katy Perry is Cassidy’s son.

Katy Perry who uses her Twitter account as a source of promotion and for her random tweets so far has not addressed the firing of the stripper she spent time with after Super Bowl.

Do you think Katy Perry should do something to help a sister-out??