Stormey Ramdhan – Suge Knight’s Ex- Girlfriend tells it all



Yep, 37-year-old Stormey Ramdhan is still alive and kicking, that is after being super tight with the most feared man in Hollywood, Suge Knight.

Suge Knight’s ex-fiancee is making headlines once again, this time on one of those type situations where yet another ex of another infamous celeb is writing a tell-all book. The mother of 2 of Suge’s kids actually wrote the book telling what it was like to be with the former Death Row Records CEO and the 49-year-old former exec-producer is not very happy about the outcome, I fact he is sending Ramdhan a cease and desist letter, which he hopes will block the release of her book.



She claims she was in a relationship with Knight and that her kids grew up without a father figure. But according to the music mogul, he was in no such relationship with Ramdhan, saying

“That’s not my ex,” Knight said. “That wasn’t my fiancée. That wasn’t nothing.

She describes herself as a “Mother, Author, Entrepreneur, and aspiring TV Host.” In fact during an interview for TMZ she said Tupac Shakur was actually one of her kid’s godfather. The death of the legendary rapper is one of the many things Stormey talks about in her book, during an exclusive interview for CNN she reveals her former man was not involved in his murder back in 96’

Wondering why would she date him in spite all the controversy of the time? She says

I met him at Death Row records when it just got started. There wasn’t any glitz or glam and that intrigued me. He wasn’t what people think he is today. I was attracted to his ambitious.”


It seems her time with “Sugar Bear” taught her well! The mother, author, actress, former model is also the owner of an ecofriendly candle line.


In the book Ramdhan is going to tell us what exactly happened during their relationship in the 90’s, and yes she talks about the Biggie shooting, she says about her book


My main goal in finally telling my story is to inspire any young women who may currently find themselves in similar situations or were once in the same position as I was. In essence, Stormey: The Woman Behind The Most Feared Man In Hip Hop is a survivor story,  I believe this book will be an eye-opener for  young girls who may think they never have to worry because everything will be provided for them, I hope that upon learning about my story they will be able to realize the dangers in placing their entire livelihood in the hands of one person.


So, do you think her book is a scam as her ex claims, or is it the real deal? You can follow her on twitter here, check her out on Facebook here and see more pictures of her here.