Ryan Trainor Singer Meghan Trainor’s brother

Meet Ryan Trainor

There is a good possibility you recognize Ryan Trainor’s last name, that’s because he is the brother of singer, Meghan Trainor –yes, the All About That Bass singer.

Ryan Trainor is the older brother of 19-year-old Justin Trainor and singer Meghan Trainor, he is also the son of jewelry store owners parents, Kelli Trainor and Gary Trainor.

23-year-old Ryan Trainor first emerged as the worlds sweetest brother when he decorated her little sister’s home as a surprise. Last Christmas Ryan Trainor went all out to and hooked Meghan with some pretty set up. Ryan put on a festive treat, including the word ‘joy’ spelt out in lights.

Meghan was so happyly surprised that for a moment she made us believe she wasn’t!

‘They’re so pretty!’ is all the All About That Base hitmaker can manage between her sobs, before repeating ‘Thank you Ryan’ when prompted.

The star later shared the video with her 3.1million Instagram followers.

‘I have the best big brother in the world,’ she wrote. ‘@ryan.trainor surprised me with crazy Christmas decorations because he knows I’m obsessed with Christmas and lights’.

Ryan Trainor and his sister are pretty tight. He travels wherever the pop star needs to go while he films her and documents her hectic life.

When they are not working, they hang out together whether at a basketball game or just to take a crazy picture these two definitely have fun.


The Trainor siblings are so tight, the blonde revealed during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel she shares her home with her two brothers and her two cats.


Ryan Trainor was born in 1992. He also is a collaborator for Smashd and Atom Factory. He is charge of videos. Atom Factory aims to “develop strong voices and influencers, turning messages into movements, and movements into cultural phenomena. Whether we’re leading talent to produce a track, concert, style cues or lifestyle inspiration, we apply our Atom Factory way to finding and building lasting tribes.” Some of their clients include, Bonnie McKee, Charlie Puth, Ryan Weaver and Meghan Trainor.

Would you like to have a bro as cool as Ryan Trainor?

You can find Ryan Trainor on Instagram here.