Rhonda Forlaw- Trace Adkins’ Wife

trace adkins wife Rhonda Forlaw

At the start of the all-star season of Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump made Trace Adkins one of the captains to choose teams. Trace originally picked a champion, in my opinion leading his “Plan B” squad to triumph the first week, and helping them to wins in succeeding weeks. But what we want to tell you more about is about Adkins’ fab wife Rhonda Forlaw and their amazing family!!

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But no excellent action goes unpunished, particularly on reality TV: In the latest chapter (March 30), Trump switched Trace to the depleted losers’ team, a shift the country star didn’t love.

Trace said:

I don’t like you very much right now.

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The Boss responded,

That’s OK, a lot of people don’t like me.

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Trace’s new squad continued its losing ways in an art-sale defy. But Trace’s individual presentation remained high, as he brought in wads of donations from friends.

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The Donald said,

Good job, Trace; I’m so proud of you.

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The country star survived the boardroom as Trace and the rest of the competitors submitted a tender goodbye to Omarosa.

Trace says his union with Rhonda is a enhance to both his personal and professional lives.

Trace says,

She’s my secret weapon.

It’s almost unfair the advantage I have over all these other guys, having her in my corner. I don’t do anything hardly in this business without talking to her first. I really don’t.

He insists the recognition goes mostly to his wife.

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Trace explains,

I’d be foolish to not rely on her experience. She’s been doing this stuff longer than I have. She’s incredibly talented, and I’ve been the benefactor of that experience and that talent for years now.

Rhonda Forlaw Adkins’ quick bio

49-year-old Rhonda Forlaw Adkins is the spouse of Trace since May 11th, 1997 until the present. She met her famous hubby in 1994 when she was a publicity manager at Arista Records,  and Trace was playing a club and helped him land a deal with Capitol Nashville, he proposed in 1996 when he made  his debut at the Grand Ole Opry, Adkins  took Rhonda onstage, got down on his knees, as the gentleman he is he took off his hat and proposed.

They have three beautiful daughters  Mackenzie Adkins (born in 1998), Brianna (born in 2001) and Trinity Adkins (born in 2004).

You can follow Rhonda here.