Nick Clough- OD Harry Styles’ Childhood Friend

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It looks like there was someone who believed in One Direction´s leading voice Harry Styles way before he was worth £5million thanks to the global success of One Direction; I’m talking about his childhood buddy Nick Clough! He reckons his pal was born to be a star but it took a while for him to really realize it.

“When he first joined the band Harry didn’t think he could sing and was worried people would laugh.

Nick’s childhood buddy was the front man for the band White Eskimo with lead guitarist Haydn Morris, bass guitarist Nick Clough and drummer Will Sweeny. Above we can see a picture of the boy band they formed during their school years.

“There was a born performer in there, he just had to find it. But when his ­confidence grew he was amazing.

“The crowd loved him… Harry’s showmanship made the band.”

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Sharing a passion for music, Nick recalls the days where he and best friend Styles just lived to chillax and be boys, getting in trouble, being messy, spending what little money they could get since they had Saturday jobs together in a Bakery; rocking around with their mates and of course chasing girls! Pointing out his friend has always showed special gift for this task:

“He was always really popular with girls. He had a lot of girlfriends through our school years. None of the girls said no to him. He’s always been able to get whoever he wanted.


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They use to spend a lot of time together just goofing around and Nick shares a lot of those fond memories:

“We stayed at each other’s houses at least three times a week. We’d go out on Friday, wake up, reheat the takeaway ­leftovers, ­stagger in to work on ­Saturday, spend all day ­together, then go into ­Manchester to spend our ­wages.

If someone knows Styles closely that would be Nick who is also 19 years old and is ecstatic his friend hasn’t change one bit saying:

“Whenever we speak he just wants to know what I’ve been doing, what’s been happening at home.

“He likes to pretend like nothing’s changed. He just likes to come home and go back to normal.

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Trainee stockbroker Nick,still lives in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, where he and his buddy spent having so much fun together. And although Nick strained from his artistic ways there is still a lot this duo share like their fascination for cars!

I love the cars.

“I’ve driven his Audi R8 and that was amazing. He’s really humble about it.

You can see Nick’s Facebook page here. Don’t miss the video you can see them perform together!