N Sync Video Performance at the 2013 VMA

N sync vma 2013 pics

Ohhhh…memories from wonder years…Highschool and N Sync! These guys got together just to perform to our delight at the VMA 2013!

So it finally happened eventhough it was for a brief moment at the 2013 VMA joining Justin Timberlake onstage in the middle of his impressive solo set.

But it was over roughly as soon as it began. Timberlake kept his four previous bandmates onstage for a hot minute. It was almost too fast to catch what they were dressing.

JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass and Timberlake wore 2 colores attire for their comeback.

So girls, there we have them. I just recall my 10th year in highschool….oh my lord! So many memories, now I smile at them 🙂

These were the pop bands, like one direction in their time. Well, my time! Hahah

Though I must confess they were not my type, I was more like the A teens. I like the covers from Abba. Very retro. More my style….

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