Model Millie Brady is OD Harry Styles’ New Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Who cares if Taylor Swift is moving on with another Britton, her ex Harry Styles from One Direction has his eyes one a pretty girl too, her name is Millie Brady and she is a model!

Millie Brady Harry Styles girlfriend image

Swifts has been described as serial dater and after her quickie relationship with Styles, the  “Getting Back Together” singer has bee seen with Tom Odell the British Critics Choice Award winner.

tom odell taylor swift dating

tom odell taylor swift

Her ex Harry Styles is sinking his teeth into fresh meat, model meat. or at least that is latest rumor we heard.

Camilla Millie Brady Harry StylesCamilla Millie Brady Harry Styles-pic

Camilla Millie Brady Harry Styles-picsMillie Brady Harry Styles

We might have exaggerated things between Harry and model Millie Brady, they have only been out a few times once was at the Sony post-part and the same night they went to Nick Grimshaw’s house, but her sources close to Brady said she is definitely seeing him again!

Millie Brady Harry Styles girlfriend photo

Millie Brady Harry Styles girlfriend picture


“Nothing actually happened between them that night — there were too many people about. But there was some pretty serious flirting going on.”

“She accompanied Harry and Nick to Radio 1 to do their show. Harry gave her a tour of the studio but then Millie had to go to work. She is being very coy about it all but she has told friends she is going to see him again.

“She and Harry plan on meeting up at this weekend or next week. They are talking about hitting a few clubs. It’s obvious they are keen to see each other again but they won’t want it to look like a date.

“There will probably be a few people out so it looks casual, not just the two of them. But it is a date really because we know they’ll make a beeline for each other.”

Who is Harry Styles’ soon to-be girlfriend Millie Brady?

Camilla Millie Brady Harry Styles-picture

19-year-old Camilla E. “Millie” Brady was born in December, 1993 to a wealthy family in Virginia Water, Surrey. Her parents are  Peter and  Carol Brady and has one beautiful sister Caroline Brady.

Millie Brady parents

Millie Brady sister Caroline

Millie studied at St Mary’s in Ascot, Berks and besides modeling Millie also acts, she is represented by the Curtis Brown Literacy and Talent Agency and has been featured  in Hanako Footman’s short film Je vais attendre Pour Vous and in theatre,,Millie Brady starred in The Maroon Baloon and as Edna Turnblad in Hairspra y at the Rose Theatre.

Camilla Millie Brady Harry Styles picMillie Brady Harry Styles girlfriend

Find Millie Brady on Twitter here and Facebook here.