Model Allison Brown: Video Vixen Suing Tyga

Meet 26-year-old Allison Brown the video model who point her finger at rapper Tyga after she said she was ‘coerced’ to appear naked in the music video “Make it nasty.”

Brown recounted the facts in her lawsuit saying she was invited to the location of the video where she and other girls were offered unlimited amounts of alcohol until Tyga appeared.


Once he showed up, the girls are told to dance in a sexually suggestive manner and to remove their clothes, they are also promised their intimate areas will be ‘edited out.

Brown claimed she was lied to about nudity in the video. Allison who filed a suit on Sept. 20, 2013 said she was asked to perform topless during production but was told the nudity would not be used in the final version of the video. She also claims that the man in the rabbit suit sexually attacked her, and also sued for sexual battery, fraud, invasion of privacy, and infliction of emotional distress.

Earlier this year reports say Tyga offered to pay her up and it was reported they had reached a settlement.

Brown did get pay but she only got half of her money and is wondering when she’ll get the rest! In fact according to Radar Online there’s a hearing today, June 29 about the matter.

According to her Facebook page, Allison Yvonne Brown, lives in Costa Mesa, California. She graduated in 2013 from University of California, Riverside with a degree in Psychology and is listed as a freelance model, actor and make up artist. She previously worked as a Director of Marketing and Administration at Photonova Media Enterprises, LLC in Lake Forest, California.