Mika and Tinya Seeger- Pete Seeger’s Daughters (PHOTOS)

Pete Seager Toshi Seeger daughters family

The world of folk music has lost their legendary singer Pete Seeger, who passed away on January 27, 2014 in New York, He is survived by his son Daniel and daughter Mika and Tinya Seeger.

Peter Seeger Toshi Seeger children

Mika Seeger and her sister Tinya Seeger are the daughter Folk singing legend Pete Seeger and his beloved wife Toshi Seeger. They also have ne brother Daniel Seeger who joined his famous parents on their journey to film African-American worksongs in a Texas prison, the 60 minute film A Musical Journey The Films of Pete, Toshi and Dan Seeger was released on February 21st, 2006.

Daniel Seeger Pete Seeger son picPete Seeger son Daniel Seeger

67-year-old Daniel Adams Seeger lives in Topanga, California with his wife Martha Elizabeth Seeger, 69, they have one daughter Cassandra E. Seeger, 41, who graduated from the California College of the Arts and currently works at the Berkeley Ballet Theater.

Cassandra Seeger Daniel Seeger daughter

Mika S. Seeger, 65, from Tiverton, RI is a famous  ceramic artist, she worked at Terracta Magazine, Sandywood Farm, Inc, Oakland Beach School, Great Fall River Art Association and the Howland Public Library, her murals

  • Providence, Rhode Island India Point Park
  • Cranston, Rhode Island Mural in Chester Barrow School 1994, Country & City” 1997
  • Beacon, New York Under River 1990–92, Common Clay 1991–92
  • Tiverton, Rhode Island Animal Alphabet 1994, A Walk Through Tiverton 1996–97
  • Warwick, Rhode Island Under Creatures 1996, Friendship 1997
  • Narragansett, Rhode Island 2007

Mika Satter SeegerMika SeegerMika Seeger Joseph Bossom

65-year-old Mika is married to Joe Bossom, 84,  with whom she had two daughters Penelope “Penny” Bossom Seeger,20, and  Isabelle Bossom Seeger, Mika and Joseph own Sandwood Center of the Arts Farm.

Penny Bossom seeger Isabelle Bossom seeger Mika Seeger  daughtersPenny Bossom seeger Mike Seeger daughter

Before Mika met Joseph Bossom she dated Puerto Rican filmmaker Emilio Rodriguez with whom she had a son Tao Rodriguez Seeger, 41, like his grandfather Tao became a folk singer, he founded the contemporary folk rock band The Mammals in 2000 along  Michael J. Merenda, Jr., Chris Merenda, Ruth Ungar, Jacob Silver.Tao performed several times with Pete Seeger.

Tao Rodrigguez  Seeger Pete Seeger grandson

Tao Rodriguez seeger Toshi seegerPete Seeger Tao Rodriguez Seeger

Tinya V Seeger, 58, lives in Beacon, NY, and works at Junction Pots.  Tinya graduated in 1972 from The Barlow School in Amenia, NY, for some time she worked at the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater


Pete Seeger daughter Tinya Seeger.

Tinya Seeger pic

She had two children Kitama Cahill Jackson, documentary filmmaker and digital journalist with a BA from Hampshire College and an MS from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He lives in Manhattan with his wife Jeannine Cahill-Jackson.

Kitana Cahill Jackson Pete Seeger grandsonKitana Cahill Jackson Tinya Seeger son

And Moraya Jackson Seeger now Moraya DeGeare, a family and Marriage therapist, Adler school graduate who is married to Chris DeGeare, the offensive player currently with the New York Giants.

Moraya Seeger DeGeare chris degreareMoraya Seeger DeGeare

This site here said Pete Seeger had two more grandchildren Rufus Cohen a UCSC graduate and owner of a clothing and retail store Izzy Martin Ltd.

Rufus Cohen Sonya Cramer pete seeger grandchildren

Mr. Seeger other grandchild is Sonya Cohen married to Reid Cramer , Rufus and Sonya are the children of John Cohen who got married to Pete’s half sister Penny born from Charles Seeger, Pete’s father with his second wife Ruth Crawford Seeger.