Melinda Rose Woodward Tom Jones’ Wife

Melinda Rose Woodward

Melinda Rose Woodward aka Linda Trenchard or Linda Jones was the loving wife of singer Tom Jones; she passed away the morning of Sunday April 10, 2016 after a short battle with cancer. Tom Jones and his beloved wife Linda Woodward were married for almost 59 years and had one son together Max Woodward, Jones also has one more child out of wedlock, Jonathan Berkery born from his affair with model Katherine Berkery.

Melinda Rose Woodward’s husband Tom Jones was born Thomas John Woodward on June 7, 1940 in Ponypridd, Wales to coal miner father Thomas Woodward and Freda Jones.

Tom Jones was born Thomas Jones Woodward in Pontypridd, South Wales, to a traditional coal-mining family, and Freda Jones.

Tom attended Jones attended at ood Road Infants School, Wood Road Junior School and Pontypridd Central Secondary Modern School, he met his soulmate Melinda Rose Trenchard while they were in high school, they started dating and by the time they both were 16, they dropped out of high school, the reason was that Melinda foound out she was pregnant and decided to get married.

Melinda and Tom Jones got married on Marrch 2, 1957, by that time she was in the final term of her pregnancy, their first and only son Mark Woodward was born April 11, 1957, in order to provide his family with everything they need, Tom did several kind of jobs, like working at a globe company and construction, but singing in pubs at night was his favorite. It was working at one of those pubs that Gordon Mills, a London-based manager spotted him one night, from there therest is history, but to sum it up, Mills became his manager and Jones began recording albums that top the charts and sold insanely great worldwide.

With sucess, came the fame,money and women.

Melinda Rose Tom Jones’ Wife

Tom Jones had a series of affairs with several women, that nearly destroyed his marriage to Linda Woodward, but she stood by his side and forgave him, eventually.

Some of the names of the women Tom had an affair with are actress Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira mistress of the Dark, Former Miss World Marjorie Wallace, Mary Wilson of the Supremes and TV host Charlotte Laws.

But perhaps most importantly, and worth mentioning is former American model, Katherine Berkery with whom he fathered son, Jonathan Berkery, following a four day fling in a suite at New York’s Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Melinda Rose Tom Jones’ Wife

At the time Katherine Berkery met Sir Tom, she was a 24-year-old model, he was 47. The fling took place in 1987. Sir Tom, has always refused to acknowledge Jonathan’s existence and has show no interest in having a relationship with him. For years he denied his paternity and it wasn’t until 2008 that Jones admitted that Jonathan was his child.

Katherine Berkery  was forced to take Sir Tom to court and was handed £1,700 a month in child support after the DNA tests revealed he was the father.
Katherine Berkery left modeling to become a estate agent, she resides in North Carolina.

In 2013, Jonathan Berkery –who expressed his desire of becoming a singer –revealed he became a drug dealer in part due to his father’s rejection. He said he was an angry child and blamed Jones for not providing the emotional support he needed. He lived in a shelter after his mother kicked him out of the house and turned to selling drugs. Bakery eventually went to drug counseling and moved back in with his mother. Jonathan Bakery uses the name, Jon Jones.

Melinda Rose Tom Jones’ Wife

Following the death of Gordon Mills in 1986, Jones’ son, Mark, replaced him as the singer’s manager. Mark now 59, is married to Donna Woodward. He was 15 when he decided to leave school and go on tour with his dad. Mark’s wife Donna has also been instrumental. For instance when Tom was ­recording Sex Bomb the line was originally intended to be ‘I’m your sex bomb’ but Donna suggested the line be changed to ‘you’re my sex bomb’. It was a small but ­effective decision.” Mark and Donna have two grown-up children.

Melinda Rose Tom Jones’ Wife

Melinda Rose Woodward, a humble factory worker, at Pontypridd register office, enjoyed a lavish lifestyle of shopping for designer clothes and accompanying her husband to a never-ending round of parties. But friends say she gradually became more and more reclusive.
Since the Sixties, Melinda Rose Woodward refused to watch her husband perform live after she became upset by his female fans’ habit of throwing their underwear on stage. She also refused to fly since the 9/11 attacks on New York, raising many questions as to why the singer was not seen with her often.

Following the DNA test that showed Jones had a son out of wedlock, Lady Linda, head home back to South Wales, within months, she was back in Los Angeles with Tom. That affair was the only time their marriage had been seriously threatened.