Masika Kalysha or Alexis Skyy is Fetty Wap’s Girlfriend

 Masika Kalysha or Alexis Sky?

Who of these two beauties is the current girlfriend of rapper Fetty Wap Masika Kalysha or Alexis Sky? Some people said Masika Kalysha is the new girlfriend of rapper Fetty Wap, but others insisted that he got back together with curvy model Alexis Sky? This is so confusing!!

So, check this out! you probably remember that Masika Kalysha and Fetty Wap allegedly revealed on social media, they were dating in July. The news was not well-received by his ex-girlfriend model Alexis Sky who mentioned Masika on Instagram.

That n—- for everybody mannnn lol you can have him @masikakalysha,” she wrote in a post that has since been deleted.
“Can’t f— wit a n—- that makes every bitch feel special,” she added. “F— it tho life goes on.”

Then it was Masika who responded..

“This was comical,” posted the singer. “I don’t want him. Ya’ll can have him back.”

“B—– really be out here playing musical chairs d— with a n—- that’s playing duck, duck goose with a group of b—– that know about each other. #IsItMyTurnYet, #CanIPostYouOnMYIG, #MYWeekWithBae, #SharingIsCaring, #SisterWives,” added Masika.

Fetty Wap born Willie Maxwell II in Paterson, Jersey on June 7, 1991. He was six-months old when he lost his eye to glaucoma, a condition he was born with, he underwent reconstructivesurgery when he was 10, doctor were able to save one eye and gave a prosthetic one to wear after that. He wore the prosthetic eye for a couple of years, but he stopped wearing it because be he didn’t want to look like everybody else.

Fetty Wap is or used to date the sexy Masika, but long, long time ago before her Fetty Wap was dating his high school sweetheart Ariel Reese.


Lovely Ariel ioriginally from Nicaragua is the mother of his eldest child, four-year-old son Aydin Zoovier. Fetty is also the proud dad of Zaviera, his baby daughter with baby mama Lezhae Zeona.

FettyWap_baby_mama_Lezhae_Zeona FettyWap_baby_mama_Lezhae_ZeonaFettyWap_baby_mama_Lezhae_Zeona

So after his relationship with these ladies went down the drain (although he still is close friends with baby mama Ariel) Fetty Fetty dated New Jersey native Yaya his on-again-off girlfriend, they split up so he then hooked up with Alexis Sky.

Fetty Wap yaya photoFetty Wap yaya photo

Dominican/ Jamaican Alexis Sky the Atlanta based model dated Fetty for eight months, after they called it quits that he allegedly dated the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood reality star Masika Kalysha. Fetty denied dating Masika whose song Andales
features the rapper.
And now it looks like Fetty Wap got back together with Alexis Sky!