Marquise Jackson- Rapper 50 Cent’s Son

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Marquise Jackson the son of main rapper man 50 cent was born  on October 13, 1997.  Jackson’s then-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins gave birth to their only child, a son named Marquise Jackson or simple “Quise”

To many 15-year-old Marquise might not be just you average teen but the son of 50 cent, truth is that fact makes him somebody already. Without any other titles  he has fan pages with thousands of followers that recognize who he is and give him credit for it.

But earlier this year Marquise’s own father-Curtis Jackson- had a major blowout against his own son, telling nasty things and insulting the teen! All because he allegedly came to see him and hang out with him on his son’s request and he wasn’t there to open the door! An out of control 50 cent gave his son a mouthful of rants via text messages; at one point the rappers was apparently so fed up with his son behavior that he said “

I don’t have a son anymore.” “delete my number,”

During the bestial text message exchange between father and son, that lasted more than an hour 50 cent and his son seem to exchange also roles! In one hand we have the rapper breaking all kinds of mutual respect and saying all kinds of wrongs and in the other we have Marquise not taking him too seriously and being much more calmed and mature than his famous father.

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According to Quise’s mom- Shaniqua Tompkins’s bio- during her pregnancy she would often encourage 50 cent to stop living the street life and to find something more positive to do to support his family.  It was then that he decided to take rapping seriously. While Curtis pursued his rap career Shaniqua worked to support their son.

Year later after his son was born 50, stated:

“When my son came into my life, my priorities changed, because I wanted to have the relationship with him, that I didn’t have with my father.”

Isn’t that funny? Maybe he just can’t help following that path, which he didn’t want for his son. The rapper even has a tattoo of “Marquise” with an axe on his right bicep.

When their parents were still together and a bright future seemed to be coming for them, Marquise was a model for his father’s G-unit clothing line appearing along his side on the runway. He later appeared as other celebrity kids during fashion shows like CHILD magazine back in 2007.


Now the 16-year-old teen has a really close relationship with his mother and they live together in their home in Georgia. He has an older sister named Mia Jackson on his mother’s side, loves basketball and plays for the Georgia Stars, and like his dad he is easy on the ladies.


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Do you think they have forgive and forgotten?? If we check Marquise’s Facebook we can still find his father 50, among his friends! And, if we take a look at 50’s “Curtis Jackson’s” Facebook he does not only has his son listed under his only family member but also has a picture of Marquise as his page cover!

You can find Marquise’s Facebook fan page here, his official Facebook page here and follow him on twitter here.