Lynn Susan Frankel Fleetwood Is Mick Fleetwood’s Wife

Lynn  Frankel Fleetwood Mick Fleetwood wife photos

Meet Lynn Susan Frankel Fleetwood, wow is a long name but she is Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac wife and soon to be ex-wife since Mick has for legal separation, what???  legal separation? did he meant filed for divorce? well, no legal separation sounds just about right, you can think of it as a way to keep his wife Lynn from getting a whole lot of cash from the divorce agreement.

Nah!what the hell, he is 65, it’s no secret that he and Stevie Nicks kept an on-again-off affair for years, he might be getting ready to hit on some hot chicas over there, God! I hope not!!

Anyway, the famous Fleetwood Mac founder and drummer cited irreconcilable differences and wants joint legal custody of the kids but wants his wife to have primary physical custody.

He has been married three times, well four actually if we count that he got married to his first wife Jenny Boyd twice, Mrs. Boyd his first wife since 12 June, 1970 is the mother of his eldest daughters Lucy and Amy, after they finally divorced in 1974, he got married to Sara Recor on 24 April, 1988, they remained married until 1992.

Mick Fleetwood Jenny Boyd

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On July 26, 1995 he got married to Lynn Frankel, mother of his twin daughters Ruby and Tessa born in 2002.