Liza Ghorbani- Oasis Singer Liam Gallagher’s Mistress/ Baby mama

We heard that English songwriter, current leading man with Beady Eye Liam Gallagher who became famous while he and his brother Noel were member of Oasis, fathered a child out of wedlock, the baby mama revealed as Liza Ghorbani  is a celebrity journalist who is suing Gallagher for child support, but that is not all, Liam who is married to singer Nicole Appleton mother of  his youngest son Gene is suing the New York Post for revealing his named as the father in Ghorbani’s $3 million paternity lawsuit.

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39-year-old Liza Ghorabani said Liam Gallagher is the father of her seven-month-old daughter Emma born in January, 2013, but what is her info? Liza was born on April 04, 1974 to Sylvia Ghorbani, 63 and Danny Ghorbani, 71 from Virginia.

Liza an independent writer and editing professional is known for her interview with  top musician, actors and famous socialites, Her articles have been published in  Rolling Stone magazine, Elle, InStyle, New York times, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Associated Press, Us Weekly, Teen Vogue, Fashion Rocks, Marie Claire, Sports Illustrated, Details and New York Magazine.

She met Liam during in 2010 during an interview for the New York Times, they allegedly began the affair not long after that, resulting in pregnancy, after she told him she was pregnant he ended the affair.

Liza Ghorbano new york times article liam gallagher

“He started an affair with her that night, they took a few months off, then started again

“It went on until she told him she was pregnant. He cut it off. He was so paranoid his wife would find out.”

“Liam admitted the child is his in an e-mail, saying she is a beautiful child because she has ‘rock star genes’” according to a source.

“Liza met Liam when she interviewed him for the Times and they began an affair. It continued until around three months after the birth of the child. He ended the relationship when she told him she was suing him for child support,” the source said.

“Liza isn’t after millions of dollars, she is simply seeking child support and no amount has yet been set. If they don’t settle on a figure, the case will go to a public trial, like the one recently between Linda Evangelista and Francois-Henri Pinault”

If Gallagher is indeed the father of Ghorbani’s baby daughter then we should mention this is not the firs time he has an affair resulting in him having a love child, his eldest daughter Molly (b. March 26, 1998) was born to Liam and British singer Lisa Moorish who also has a child from his relationship with Peter Doherty, the affair between Liam and Lisa happened just a few days before his wedding to actress Patsy Kensit mother of his eldest son Lennon (b. September, 1999).

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Lisa Moorish Liam GallagherLiam Gallagher daughter Molly

Liam and Appleton got married on February 14, 2008, who she met in 2000; she gave birth to their son  Gene on July 2nd, 2001.

Find Liza Ghorbani on her website here and Twitter here.