Lindsey Stirling’s Boyfriend Ryan Weed

Ryan Weed

This handsome fella is Ryan Weed; and not he is super hot, but he is also super lucky, after all, he is the boyfriend of  dancer and violinist Lindsey Stirling, who is addition, one of the contestants of season 25 of Dancing With the Stars; Lindsey will be showing her dancing skills alongside professional dancer Mark Ballas!

No doubt you all know everything there is about Lindsey’s career, perhaps you also know that prior to Ryan, she dated videographer Devin Graham, who she met while filming the music video for her song Crystallize in 2012.

]Ryan Weed

Now, Lindsey has been dating Ryan Weed for over a year. Mr. Weed was born Ryan Berton Weed in 1986 and is one of the children born to Kevin and Zoanne Millett Weed both 59. Ryan’s sisters are Lauren, 22, and Jordan, 28.

ryan weed

Jordan originally from Utah, is the owner of Carlston, Co in Los Angeles; prior to that, he owned Hawaiian Beach Time.

You can find him on Instagram here