Liam Gallagher’s Girlfriend Debbie Gwyther

Debbie Gwyther

Meet Debbie Gwyther; she is the girlfriend of British singer Liam Gallagher, who rose to fame for several things, in addition to his bad temper and his long feud with Robbie Williams; he was the lead singer of the music band Oasis and Beady Eye. Liam credited Debbie for saving him throughout his darkest days.

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“Debbie saved me. No bulls**t,’ Liam revealed. ‘Debbie swooped me up as I was falling, she just said, “Stop being a d***head.”

“She got me out of the house, introduced me to all kinds of people outside my world, got me doing new things. I’ve lived in London a long time, but I only really knew Hampstead. She took me to new places. I’ve been to Dalston, man.”


The first thing you need to know, just before we can tell you about the lovely Ms. Gwyther is that Gallagher who hasn’t spoken to his brother Noel (married to Sara MacDonald) since 2009 when he [Noel] left Oasis has been married twice and is the father of four children with four different women.

Debbie Gwyther

Lisa Moorish is the mother of Gallagher’s eldest daughter Molly, 20, born on March 26, 1998. Moorish said Liam told her he wanted nothing to do with her or their child after she told him she was pregnant. not long after he married actress Patsy Kensit on April 7, 1997. Kensit is the mother of their son Lennon Francis born in 1999.

Debbie Gwyther

Patsy and Liam separated and eventually divorced in 2000.

Debbie Gwyther

He then marries Nicole Appleton on February 14, 2008; together they had one child; Gene Gallagher, born on 2 July 2001.

Debbie Gwyther

 Nicole dumped Liam after she found out he fathered a child with  Liza Ghorbani, a journalist from New York, who gave birth to a daughter Emma.

Appleton filed for divorce in August 2013, finally finalized in April 2014.

Debbie Gwyther, Gallagher’s personal assistant started dating the singer in 2013, not much out there about her, unfortunately, according to her LinkedIn, she worked as an artist manager at Quest in London. She studied atThe John Henry Newman School and previously worked at Fear PR