Lauren Stevens Slipknot’s Bassist Alex Venturella’s Girlfriend

Meet Lauren Stevens

37-year-old Alessandro Venturella better known as “V-Man” suffered some kind of health related problem during a Slipknot presentation! Also,  you can read below about his girlfriend Lauren Stevens.

According to TMZ, the heavy metal band’s bassist was rushed to the hospital after suffering from convulsions while on stage in Hartford, Connecticut. The outlet says the band abruptly stopped after a few songs and went backstage.

They returned without Venturella and lead singer Corey Taylor try to explained the situation saying:

“I’m gonna let you know what’s going on right now. I’m sorry to say that our bass player, Alex, had… Something happened. I’m not sure what happened. He’s been put into an ambulance and he’s going to the hospital right now as we speak. But I want you all to make f***ing noise for him. Send him some f***ing love. Now, we had a choice to come back out here. We’ve had to modify some shit, but we’re gonna keep on playing for you. It’s what we want, it’s what Alex would f***ing want.”

Alessandro joined the band in 2014, he and Slipknot had met through MASTODON. During an interview Corey Taylor said they had known him a long time, saying about him:

So he came in, and he just started handling it. And he’s so easy to hang out with. He’s such a great dude. And it just got better and better and better and better and better.


According to his Facebook page, Alessandro Venturella is a British metal musician who has served as guitarist for the British metal supergroup Krokodil (alongside members of Sikth, Gallows and A) and for Cry For Silence. Previously the touring guitar tech for Mastodon‘s Brent Hinds, Coheed & Cambria, and Fightstar, he is now the touring bassist for Slipknot.

The guitar tech and musician hails from the U.K and was born 7 March 1978. Although he is often seen wearing a mask, he can be easily spotted by his arm tattoos.

He was first linked to the band by the video “The Devil in I” at the time frontman Corey, said he wasn’t an official member of the band yet but that he played with them. Venturell’as first live gig with them was last year’s Knotfest.


By the photos on his Facebook page, we find out he is in a relationship with a pretty gal named Lauren Jane Stevens, you can find the lovely 25-year-old red hair on Instagram here.

The band’s original bassist Paul Gray passed away in May 2010 from an accidental overdose of drugs.

We wish Lauren’s man a speedy and full recovery.