Jayde Pierce: 10 Facts You need to Know!

It appears UK model Jayde Pierce might be giving Justin Bieber another go! Rumors of a romance between the two have been going around since early this year but a recent report could indicate they are really into each other and is not only as friends.

Things are definitely getting interesting between the two, so we thought you’d like to know more about the stunning brunette. Read Jayde Pierce’s top ten facts!


 1. Jayde Pierce hails from the UK.

Pierce is a 19-year-old UK based model, she  is also a self described Blogger/Youtuber born in London.

 2. She and Justin began hanging out early 2015.

Many wondered if the two were an item when Jayde and Bieber grab some shaved ice together last May.

3. They have been pictured together several times.

Last May the 21-year-old entertainer and the young UK model reportedly went for a hike together around Runyon Canyon Park.

 4. Jayde loves to document her life on social media.

Like a true vlogger, Jayde often posts photos and Snapchats on whatever she is doing and that including her time with Justin. Also in May she posted about her fun-filled day spent with Bieber.

 5. She has her own YouTube Channel.

The brunette beauty offers a variety of YouTube videos, most are about her make-up tutorials and all make-up related info. She has been video blogging since she was 13 and has over 200,000 Instagram followers.

6. They got in touch thanks to social media.

Jayde revealed in an August interview that the 21-year-old got in touch with her after coming across her popular Instagram page in April, and that’s how they started talking.

 7. She insisted they are only friends.

After getting to know each other thought text messaged and accepting his invitation to hang out in Cali last May, Pierce insisted they are only good friends.

 8. She received hate messages after her week with the singer.

During the interview Jayde Pirece also admitted that she did receive a large amount of hate from some Justin’s devoted fans.

9. She and Justin were reunited back in September

Justin was in London to promote his new music and was photographed with Jayde once again.

 10. They went to Bora Bora together.

Both Jayde and Justin have shared though social media pictures of their time in beautiful Bora Bora sparking rumors of a possible romance.

You can find her on Instagram here. YouTube here.