Jasmine Lennard Crazy Town’ Seth Binzer / Shifty Shellshock’s Ex-Girlfriend

Jasmine Lennard

Have you met Jasmine Lennard? You probably have heard enough things about the British model and once girlfriend and baby mama of Crazy Town’s singer Shifty; whose real name is Seth Shellshock, her name Jasmine Lennard; by things I don’t mean the nicest things, she has quite a story.



Jasmine Lennard was born on July 25th, 1985 in Belgravia, Westminster in the United Kingdom; the middle daughter of actress Marilyn Galsworthy & Brian Lennard. Lennard has two sisters, Pandora and Jessica.

The first time Jasmine Lennard caused quite a stir was back in 2005 when she appeared in Make Me a Supermodel and made a nasty comment about model and show’s judge Rachel Hunter. Voted off at Trust Me – I’m A Holiday Rep, that same year.

The following year she appeared in The Weakest Link and was fired from Make a Supermodel Extra; once again after she had a feud with Rachel Hunter who she called Rachel Munter. It was rumored she and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo dated for while in 2008 as well as Simon Cowell.

Personal Life

Lennar moved to Los Angeles in 2007, once she landed her named was quickly all over the news, she starred in that year’s movie Revolver, she accused Johnson & Johnson Heiress Casey Johnson of grand theft; Jasmine said Johnson stole jewelry, clothing and other things plus she used Jasmine’s vibrator and left her on her bed.

Jasmine met Seth Binzer was also known by his stage named Shifty Shellshock,  former Crazy Town’s frontman with whom she had a son Phoenix born in 2010;  according to Shifty’s family he and Lennard had an on-off volatile relationship, because of that they banned her from visiting him at  the hospital where he is recovering from a drug-induced com;, a result of an intense argument he had with Jasmine.

“Last Thursday he got in a fight with his baby mama and took like 25 pills, GHB and was smoking a lot of crack,”


Jasmine Lennard said she never find out Shifty was at the hospital until a friend told her; she rushed to his side but the former singer’s family stopped her, she said she will be back, even though she wasn’t allowed to visiting her.

On August 15th, 2012 Lennard was the 12th housemate to enter Celebrity Big Brother 10. Subsequently nominated for eviction; on Day 8, was the first celebrity to be voted out of the house. She returned to the house on Day 11 as a guest.

Lennard appeared on a celebrity special of Come Dine with Me in December 2012 with Nick Pickard, Crissy Rock, Chelsee Healey and Marcus Collins. Partway through the show, she left and Margi Clarke took her place.

come-dine-with-me-celebrity-special-christmas jasmine Lennard

Not long ago we heard that Jasmine spoke about the alleged fling she and the Wanted Max George had; he denied it and said she had issues, Lennard, as expected, fired back.

Just this week Jasmine asked an L.A judge to take away  Shifty’s visitation rights; claiming he is a terrible father who once smokes crank in their kid’s bedroom. She is also seeking full custody adding that Seth hasn’t seen their son since November 2011 and hasn’t paid any child support.

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