James Lowe- Royals Singer Lorde’s Boyfriend

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Lorde is one of the youngest singers to be nominated at this 2014 Grammy Awards, at just 17, Lorde whose real name is Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor has become one of the greatest surprises, her hit song Royals is a top hit in world music charts, for Lorde this is the first time at the Grammys and she is not alone, she brought her boyfriend James Lowe with  her

17-year-old  New Zealand singer Lorde was born Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor on November 7, 1996. She grew up in Devonport, Auckland. Where her boyfriend James Lowe also resides.

James Lowe Lorde boyfriend-pics

James Lowe Lorde boyfriend-pictures

24-year-old James K. Lowe is a photographer who Lorde met before becoming the famous singer she is today. She thanked James  in the liner notes of her album, when asked about  her dedication to her beau, Lorde said.

Lorde Boyfriend James Lowe

I’m quite solitary by nature, I guess. I don’t have heaps and heaps of friends. Often I can appreciate a place regardless of the people I’m sharing it with, which I know a lot of people can’t do, but for me … this is really personal, but James and I spent a lot of time, and still do spend a lot of time, driving around all over our city, and that for me was enlightening, because for once, the company that I’m keeping is affecting how I feel about these places, and in a positive way. I think that was kind of what drove me to write a lot of the stuff on Pure Heroine, because I really thought about where I was in conjunction with who I was in conjunction with who I was with.

James K Lowe wiki

James Lowe Lorde boyfriend-photo

James Lowe was born in Auckland n 1988, he graduated with honor with a BFA from Elan School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland. He has one sister Katherine Lowe, a blogger with passion for fashion among other things.

His work has been in No Magazine, Canvas Mag, Art News Magazine, Art Zone, Momento, D-Photo Magazine, Eloquence International Curator Magazine,  Still exhibition catalogue, and was  shown  at the Auckland Photography Festival, Elam School Of fine Arts Graduate Catalogue.

Lorde Boyfriend James Lowe-photoLorde Boyfriend James Lowe-photos

James Lowe was awarded with the Mount Eden Young Artist Award, and the Elam School Of fine Arts “olympus Studio Three Photography Award” in 2008, the following year he was the winner of the Mount Eden Young Artist Award (older artist winner and overall winner), in 2010 he once again won the Mount Eden Young Artist Award, Elam Photography Award in Postgraduate Studies and was was highly recommended in the BFA Hon Program.

James Lowe Lorde boyfriend photosLorde Boyfriend James Lowe photosJames Lowe Lorde boyfriend-photos
James Lowe Lorde boyfriend picture

You can follow Lorde’s boyfriend James Lowe on Twitter here and visit his website here. and also here.