G-Eazy 10 Facts About Halsey’s Boyfriend


G-Eazy is a rapper, singer-songwriter, producer and DJ who stepped into the music scene in 2014 with his first major-label album “These Things Happen.”

The Oakland, California native is also known for being in a relationship with another big industry name; that would be Miss Halsey real name Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. The couple has even collaborated together most recently on the top charting hit song “Him & I.”

However, as we wish for these two would stay out of the drama, it appears is asking too much of young musicians these days. TMZ reports G-Eazy got into a fight with a couple of security guards while at a club in Stockholm. What’s worse, police found cocaine in his pockets.

Check out our top 10 facts about G-Eazy.


#1 He hails from California

Born Gerald Earl Gillum on May 24, 1989; G-Eazy was raised by his grandparents in California after his mother left his father when he was in the first grade. He is of Ukranian decent.

#2 He attended college

G-Eazy was a student at Loyola University at New Orleans –where he began working on numerous singles as a record producer. He graduated in 2012.

#3 He was in a band

While still in college, he was a member of the local hip-hop group “The Bay Boyz”

#4 He opened for other artists

He gained notoriety around 2010-2011 when he began opening for well-known artists such as Lil Wayne. At the time he had released a mixtape ‘The Endless Summer’

#5 He released his first album completely independent

Gerald wrote, recorded, and produced his first full-length album ‘Must Be Nice’ completely independently – and earned the No. 3 spot on the iTunes Hip-Hop Chart.

#6 He has released three albums

It was in 2014 that he landed his first major-label deal which followed the release of his first album, These Things Happen –which reached number 3 on the Billboard 200. “When It’s Dark Out” was released in 2015 –it contains the single “Me, Myself & I.” Last December he released his latest work, “The Beautiful and Damned.”

#7 He grew up listening to Johnny Cash

He told Hip Hop DX: “My mom would play all these old Johnny Cash records and stuff, and my grandpa was real big on it. I always thought he was cool, just being a rebel, dressing in all black, and not wanting to always conform.”

#8 He is super close to his mother

The 28-year-old is very close to his mother, he enjoys bringing her to his shows. Once, he even invited her on stage to smoke with him.

#9 He is active on social media

He’s certainly won the heart of his fans around the world with over 5 million followers on Instagram.

#10 He is in a relationship

G-Eazy confirmed his relationship with pop singer Halsey at New York Fashion Week 2017. Since then, the two have put on a romantic display whatever they go.