Donna G. Wallace- David Cassidy’s Baby Mama/ Mistress

Dabid Cassidy Donna G Wallace Sherry Wright

According to Shelly Wright, she is David Cassidy’s secret daughter  who nobody knew nothing about, including her until recently; the only person who knew she was the love child of the famous Partridge Family actor was her mother Donna G. Wallace who raised her his the man she thought was her father Jams Bohon a famed songwriter from Nashville who like Donna was aware Shelly was not his child.

Donna G. Wallace was confronted by her daughter about what people said about her not being the daughter of Mr. Bohon, the man she loved as her father. Donna know to tell her daughter the truth had come..

“I didn’t look anything like him, and my whole family always talked about it. He always picked up my sister instead of me and had more of a relationship with her through the years. I was confused.”

“When I got old enough, I finally confronted my mom and said, ‘Why does everyone always say how I don’t look like Bo?’ I was like, ‘If he’s not my dad, just tell me,’” Wright remembers. That’s when her mother told her a story that would shock her.

62 year-old Donna also told her the story of how she met David Cassidy the man she had sex with that same night and resulted in a pregnancy. It was 1973, Donna Wallace who already had a child with James Bohon had separated at the time and Donna was ready to Par-teee!!!

“One night, she went out with one of her friends, and David Cassidy was there. He was on tour and had a show in Nashville. They both got drunk and slept together in the back room, a VIP room.”

“It was just a one-night thing,” Wright adds. “She ended up pregnant and she went back to James Bohon because she already had a child with him,” knowing all along that Cassidy was the real father.

When Wallace told her the story, Wright says: “I was like, ‘Mom, my god, why didn’t you tell me that?!’ And she was just like, ‘Google him and see who he is. He’s kind of cocky and arrogant.’”

“So I finally google the guy,” Wright remembers, “and I was shocked.”

While we found tons of pictures of Donna Wallace’s pretty daughter Shelly, we found zero of her.