Deen Kharbouch – Rapper French Montana´s Wife

Deen-Kharbouch-photo_thumb.pngMeet Writer, Creator, Designer, CEO of KruzieK Enterprise, mother of one, Deen Kharbouch. The beautiful business woman is the long-lost wife of rapper French Montana who is the father of the couple’s only child, an adorable five-year-old boy named Kruz.

Reports of the 29-year-old rapper French Montana and Khloe Kardashian hanging out closely are sparking controversy since they are both still legally married. Reports online say Deen has already warned the youngest Kardashian about her former man, this is what she said

“Things are not as they seem. As soon as he popped, it was as if Kruz and I didn’t exist. He practically abandoned us! Sometimes we don’t see him for two or three months.”


Deen claims as soon as his career took off in 2012, the performer virtually disappeared from both her and their son’s life.

But this is not new for Deen, last-year she bashed him on twitter alleging fame and fortune totally changed the Morocco native rapper. She wrote on the social networking site


@FrencHMonTanA is a HORRIBLE father,” “@FrencHMonTanA has not seen his son in months.. His son is in the hospital and he could careless. #Fatherlesschild … Your son is not for photo ops only.@frenchmontana is a fake f*ck that uses people #vampire.@FrencHMonTanA where is your son ??

Deen and the “Freaks” singer tied the knot in 2007, she gave birth to their baby-boy in 2009 and separated by 2012. His version to the story is that stardom had taken a toll on his five-year marriage, resulting in a divorce.


Addressing Deen’s claims, the Bad Boy Records rapper said during an interview last year,

Man, I couldn’t do it; that’s why we got separated,” French said at the time. “At first it was smooth, but then as much as people think that money changes you, it’s changing them around you. A person ain’t gonna treat you the same now that they think that you think you somebody. You around so many beautiful women, that’s a conflict too. It’s just about finding somebody that understand the game, what you’re into. You can’t expect to make all this money and not go through problems. You can’t expect God to give you everything you want without taking something away.”

Deen receives $7,000 per month in child support, her still hubby of seven-years is estimated to have a net worth of five-million. The 35-year-old was born Nadeen M Palmer, she has worked for Dreamgirl International and Newmark Advisory Group Inc. She currently resides in NYC.

You can find her on twitter here, and check out her Instagram here.