Who is Dave Brockie’s Girlfriend/ Wife?


The metal community is mourning the death of singer Dave Brockie.

Dave Brockie who died over the weekend, was one of the founding members of Slave Pit and co-founder of GWAR’s bestial lead-singer, Oderus Urungus. A sculptor, painter, and writer.

Dave Brockie, better known as “Oderus Urungus” the founder and lead singer of renowned Richmond, Virginia metal band GWAR, has died, he was 50-years-old. His body was found at his home by roommates on Sunday, March 23.

According to IMDb, the actor was born David Murray Brockie in August 30, 1963 originally from Canada. He attended Robinson Secondary School and Virginia Commonwealth University. Dave Brockie Experience is made up of Dave “Oderus” Brockie (bass and vocals), Brad “Jizmak” Roberts (drums), and Mike “Balsac” Derks (guitar).

Ironically just four days before he died, he posted on Facebook the picture below, captioned

Happy to be alive today. Hope you are too!


Founded in the 1980s by Brockie and fellow VCU art students, GWAR gained international fame for its brand of heavy metal music and outrageous stage show.

As part of the act, GWAR members created their own gory costumes and wild personas. The self-described “Scumdogs of the Universe” were known for their messy shows, outlandish costumes and intentionally offensive theatrics.


During an interview in 2011, Brockie defended the band saying

“Anyone who has seen GWAR knows it’s an adult comedy rock musical”

Brockie’s friend and former GWAR member Chris Bopst confirmed the death to CBS 6 producer Chris Westfall.

Reports indicate, detectives do not suspect foul play at this time. The Medical Examiner’s Office will determine Brockie’s cause of death.

“Dave was one of the funniest, smartest, most creative and energetic persons I’ve known,” former Gwar bassist Mike Bishop says. “He was brash sometimes, always crass, irreverent, he was hilarious in every way. But he was also deeply intelligent and interested in life, history, politics and art.”




There is not much about his personal life, no girlfriend or wife that has been identified or linked to him. Instead he always focused on his “art” he made numerous appearances in character commenting on current events and culture, including such unexpected places as “Red Eye” on Fox News.

Nevertheless, we express our deepest condolences, to his band, family, friends and fans around the world.