Candi Spitz- Anthrax Guitarist Dan Spitz’ wife

Dan Spitz wife Candi Spitz

Meet Candi Spitz, she is the wife of Anthrax’ lead guitarist Dan Spitz, who was arrested on Christmas Morning after his mother-in-law  called 911 to informed Dan had choked her daughter, hours later Candi took all the charges back.

What the heck was Mrs. Spitz thinking when she took it all back?? blame it on the alleged drunken fight Candi Spitz and her guitarist hubby had on Christmas night, or who knows, I understand Candi and Dan have been thru a lot with their sons when they were diagnosed with autism, let’s hope we don’t from these two again fighting again, because things can’t really get out of hands when one can’t handle alcohol and their temper, hopefully this incident was a one night thing and  Dan Spitz is not one of those abusive men who got into a heated, drunken argument with his wife Candi who even though she showed bruises around her neck, told officials it was all good and everything was a misunderstanding.

For his part Dan said he acted on self defense. Candi didn’t want to press any changes against her hubby.

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50-year-old Dan Spitz, was the leading guitarist of the heavy metal band Anthrax from 1983–1995 and from 2005 to 2007, he got married to his wife Candi Spitz in 2005. They welcomed their twin sons in 2007, both Brendan and Jaden were diagnosed autistic when they were six-months-old, Candi and Dan are big supporters of Autism Speaks.

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38-year-old Candi Spitz was born Candi Lynn Zack on July 15, 1975 in New York, Candi Spitz is a spokesperson for Autism Speaks, she is also an ambassador for Project Lifesaver International Headquarters, charity coordinator for Tattoo Mania WPB, serves as director of development and advocacy for Blu Love Farm in Delray Beach, Florida and is VP at Blooming with Autism 501 c3 in Wellington, Florida.

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