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Meet Brenda Johnson

Brenda Johnson is the wife of English rock star, Brian Johnson, who’s been AC/DC’s lead singer for over three decades.

AC/DC fans were devastated earlier this month, after the band announced the immediate departure of longtime frontman Brian Johnson citing hearing issues. As the band explained it, Johnson risked “total hearing loss” if he continued touring.

However, according to Johnson’s longtime friend and comedian Jim Breuer, the AC/DC singer’s hearing issues are being overblown, and Brenda’s hubby allegedly feels he was unfairly “kicked to the curb.”

The rock & roll, hall of famer, who is also passionate about everything that has to do with cars –revealed to Breuer his luggage showed up at his driveway a day after eh spoke with the band about his health issue. According to Breuer, Brian never said he wanted to quit, but that’s exactly what happened.

Born on October 5, 1947, in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, Johnson sang with a church choir as a young boy, however like any other teen of the ’60s, he was taken by rock & roll. In early 1972, Johnson formed his first serious rock band, USA. Just a few months later, the band changed their name to Geordie and focused on hitting it big in the then-thriving U.K. glam rock scene. The band scored several hits in their homeland, including the Top Ten “All Because of You” and the Top 20 “Can You Do It.”

In 1980 he was asked by AC/DC to try out for the vacant lead vocalist position. Brian fit in perfectly, replacing Bon Scott. Brian Johnson‘s first release with AC/DC, 1980’s classic Back in Black, became a monster hit right away. The album has become one of hard rock’s all-time best-sellers over the years and pushed the band over the top globally.

Johnson‘s powerful yet grave voice proved to be the perfect foil for AC/DC‘s high-energy, hard-hitting rock, as the band continued to churn out best-selling albums and sold-out tours. Further Johnson-fronted AC/DC hit albums followed, tops being 1981’s world-wide number one For Those About to Rock, 1986’s motion picture soundtrack Who Made Who, 1990’s The Razor’s Edge, and their first release of the 21st century, Stiff Upper Lip. By now, an AC/DC member far longer than Scott was,Johnson remains one of rock’s most instantly recognizable voices.



Brenda Johnson is actually Brian’s second wife. He was previously married to Carol Johnson –with whom he fathered two children. He and his first wife were married from 1968, until their separation in 1990. Brian and Carol are the parents of daughters, Joanne, who was born in 1968 and Kala, born in 1973.

Brenda, band manager to rock groups, Bad Sara and 7 Years Past, she was described as the most thoughtful of spouses in a 2008 article. Brenda Johnson tries to simplify Brian’s life during AC/DC tours. That means, flying out his friends to wherever he is for a night out of decompression.


Brian who is also a car racer, car collector and all-round car enthusiast, is seen often in the circuits, with the lovely Brenda Johnson. He has his own racing website.

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Brenda Johnson resides in Sarasota, Florida with her husband.