Bernadette Hernandez Is Bruno Mars’ Mother


Bernadette Hernandez

Meet Bernadette Hernandez; she was the proud momma of the Hawaiian, Filipino, and Puerto Rican singer Peter Gene Hernandez also known as Bruno Mars.

Bernadette Bayot Hernandez

Mars’ beloved mother was born Bernadette San Pedro Bayot on August 21, 1957, in the Philippines. However, she also has Spanish roots; she was just a child when her family moved to Hawaii.

The love story between Bernadette aka Bernie & Peter started back when she was hula dancer and singer. She was one of the performers at the show where percussionist Peter Hernandez was a guest at.

Peter who was born in Brooklyn, NY. He is half Jewish/ half Puerto Rican also Ukrainian/ Hungarian descent. Bernie and Peter got married and had 6 amazing children. Bruno’s siblings are Jamie, Tiara, Tahiti, & Presley and big bro Eric.

Bernadette Bayot Hernandez Bruno Mars mother pic

Bernadette Bayot Hernandez Bruno Mars mother pics

Little Peter Gene like many members of the family showed interest in music at an early age; his father who saw in Peter a resemblance to Bruno Sammartino the legendary pro wrestler, decided to nickname his son Bruno.

Bruno Mars family photoBruno Mars family

Bruno Mars father Peter Hernandez

Bruno alongside his uncle, an Elvis impersonator and the rest of the family with their music band “The Love Notes.”

Bernadette Bayot Hernandez was 55, when she was rushed to the hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 1st, 2013. Initial reports suggested Bernie suffered a heart attack, but it was until later that same day that we found out that Mrs. Hernandez, passed away from a brain aneurysm at Queen of Angels Hospital in Honolulu.