Annalu Cardoso Tyga’s Brazilian Model Mistress

Annalu Cardoso

Annalu Cardoso a young stunning Brazilian model could be what Kylie Jenner needs to make up her mind about dumping rapper Tyga, her family are urging her to dump him following the stories about him texting other women behind her back. According to Us Magazine Annalu Cardoso claimed she had an affair with Tyga while he was dating Jenner.

Annalu Cardoso, 23, a Brazilian model told Us Magazine she has been sleeping with Tyga behind Kylie Jenner’s back, the two would hooked up when Kylie was out of the country; Annalu did not offer any other details about the alleged affair with the rapper who she met in 2014 on the set of one his videos.

Annalu Cardoso Brazilian model TygaAnnalu Cardoso Brazilian model Tyga

Annalu Cardoso Brazilian model Tyga

According to a source , Tyga and Annalu Cardoso started texting each other in December, 2014 and added that the rapper always made sure Kylie was out of the country to see Annalu.

Cardoso was on an episode of his MTV2 show, Kingin’ with Tyga.

‘Tyga is very careful and waits until Kylie is out of the country,’ the source told Us.

‘He would text her and ask how she was doing, casual conversation. Then he started asking her to send pics and to meet up,’ a second insider said.

They hooked up a couple of times, but for the most part they would just hang out.’

Friends came along too, it was alleged.

‘She and Tyga wouldn’t be extremely affectionate in front of them, but she could tell his friends all knew that they were something,’ said the source.

Another source said Tyga introduced Annalu to some of his friends, they were not extremely affectionate in front of them, but it was quite clear to her Cardoso that all of Tyga’s friends knew there was something going us between her and the rapper.

If someone else was sitting next to Tyga, they’d move so she could sit next to him.’

And the father of one, who used to live with model Blac Chyna, never talked about the reality teen.

‘She never wanted to ask because he was acting like someone who didn’t have a girlfriend, so she thought those were just rumors,’ the source explained.

‘It didn’t feel like it was her place to ask him about Kylie and she didn’t really follow any stories about Tyga.’

But then Tyga ‘panicked when it appeared that their affair might go public,’ said a source.

UsWeekly maintained that the romance is now over.

‘He used to find a way to see her, and that stopped. They never officially stopped seeing each other, but she’s stopped talking to him,’ it was added

Annalu Cardoso and Tyga’s cheating scandal comes not long after the story where he sends text messages teen model Molly O’Malia.

Annalu Cardoso Brazilian model Tyga

Annalu Cardoso who studies acting was previously in law school, she changed her mind about law after her mother Sandra passed away in November, 2013.

When she was diagnosed I dropped out of law school and I got a scholarship in to acting because I wanted to inspire her , I wanted her to know that even the craziest dreams can become reality ; I wanted to prove that We could do it . I lost her BUT I found my purpose, I found so many pieces of myself I didn’t even know existed

Annalu has two siblings, brother Zeka and sister Thayza, they and father Jose reside in Brasilia, Brazil. Ms. Cardoso lives in L.A

Annalu Cardoso Brazilian model Tyga

Annalu Cardoso Brazilian model Tyga Annalu Cardoso Brazilian model Tyga Annalu Cardoso Brazilian model Tyga

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