Who is 5 seconds of Summer Calum Hood’s Girlfriend? Lucy Who?


Ahhh when you’re young…We don’t know what Lucy –there is no last name available –who is believed to be the girlfriend of 18-year-old guitar player Colum Hood is thinking about her boyfriend’s private parts surfing the web! But we do know what the teen is thinking, and let’s just say, he is not that worried about it.


Apparently the 5 Second of Summer member –who seems not too stress –just tweeted about his latest rant

I’m still just a teenage kid learning from mistakes 🙂

According to TMZ the bass player, now has a viral penis! Calum who flashed his junk on Snapchat learned a hard lesson when he sent the graphic video to someone who then reposted it as a Vine for the world to see!

The reports claims his face is not seen –so there is no way to assure is him –but he took the brutally honest step of admitting it was every single bit of him, with his tweet.

Born January 25, 1996, Calum is known to have dated Maddie Harris but just a couple of months back he was romantically linked to a cute young girl named just “Lucy”


According to an article by kpopstarz.com there has been rumors that Calum Hood has been pursuing a girl called Lucy (her instagram username, lucykg) and it may be possible that their romance has progressed but this little inccident of him could potentially be a deal breaker! Dont you tthink? He is known for being a prakster though.

However we have no idea why would he want to keep their relationship under wraps as the article claims. He is young, hot and famous or getting there and she is very pretty herself and she seems super fun too!


Calum has not confirmed any relationships, but he keeps his eyes close to her instagram page “liking” several of her pictures. Lucy likes to take a lot of selfies, especially full-body mirror ones and she is looking super fine.

Why do you think he is being super secretive about his relationship status with Lucy? They would make a cute couple right!

Find the pretty girl on Instagram here.