Who is Patrick Moote’s girlfriend?


Can you imagine public humiliation when the one you love, trust and would give just about everything for rejects your marriage proposal in front of a stadium full of UCLA basketball fans, and it get even worse when a video of the incident goes viral on YouTube? Sounds like a nightmare right?

That’s our self proclaimed unhung-hero, actor/comic Patrick Moote who, falling even lower after finding out the reason his girlfriend wouldn’t marry him is because his too small down there! Got into the task of making a documentary about the whole thing!

According to online sources, the YouTube sensation for all the wrong reasons, Patrick, who let’s admit it, as an actor craves attention, wasn’t thrilled about his newfound notoriety.

“I wasn’t super stoked about it but I realized, because I’ve been in L.A. long enough, that that many hits could be an asset. It got ten million hits in four days and then that sparked the whole conversation about size.”

Now, Patrick will confess his relationship wasn’t picture perfect but he was in love and looking for happily ever after. Now, we think we should know the name of the girl who made him famous! Maybe she should receive some kind of award for her contribution on his new life! So who is she??

Now that he’s made a film about his penis the HuffPost reports, how has that affected his dating life?

“Most girls don’t think I have a penis at all at this point, so if they find out that I do, it’s kind of like, you know, ‘Oh, well look at that! It’s actually there,'” he said. “It’s like a homeless guy bringing you home to his mansion, like, ‘Whoa, where did this come from?'”