Vita Shannon-127 Hours Amputee Aron Ralston’s Girlfriend in Domestic Violence Arrest

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We heard about Aron Ralston getting arrested on domestic violence charges, along a woman identified as Vita Shannon like Ralston she faces the same charges including wrong to minors. What makes us very curious is that Aron is still married to his wife Jessica and Shannon is his alleged girlfriend. Are we missing something here? when did Aron and Jessica Ralston got divorce? and who the heck is this Shannon Vita?


38-year-old Vita Stramaglia Shannon from Loveland, Colorado was arrested along Ralston, media said Vita is Aaron’s girlfriend, and according to this site, Vita Shannon is some piece of work..

My daughter was invited to do a “house flip” with a woman named Vita Stramaglia Shannon.  My daughter knew this woman for a few years so she trusted that it would be a good partnership.  Vita drew up a contract that she emailed to my daughter and the contractor. As the project progressed our family helped out but Vita did none of the work.

She also knew that my daughter had a large home equity line and perfect credit so she had my daughter, Sadie, pay for most of the materials for the renovation.  In the end Sadie put in close to $28,000 and Vita  put in $7,000.  Since I did the spread sheet for the project I have all the receipts and the paperwork. As we were finishing the project Vita had her parents come in on the project.

They seemed nice at first but then started getting really nasty and before my daughter knew it, we were locked out of the house.  The house is 2 doors down from my daughter’s home so they sold the house without putting a FOR SALE sign in the yard.  The only reason we knew it was sold was when we saw a moving truck in front of the house.  This was early in September of this year.

I called my Realtor and found out that they had sold it in early August for $280,000 (originally Paul Decker, Vita’s stepdad bought it for $140,000 and then signed it over to Vita).  So, since we do not know if they had to give the sellers any concessions, we will go on the assumption that the price was $280,000.

Allowing for realty fees we figure they walked away with at least $90,000.  My daughter has received $0 – not even her expenses on the house which was extensive.

Do not, and I repeat, do not go into a renovation project with these people.  We know they have done it at least once before and who know how many other times.  They are bad news.  Remember their names – Vita Shannon, Annette Decker, Paul Decker.

Both parties solved their differences and Judy, the person who posted the rip-off repot, posted this update

Vita Shannon

According to Vita’s LinkedIn profile she works in computer software, Vita is the daughter of Annette and Thomas Shannon, she has one sister Catherine, 30. Vita graduated in 1993 from Our Lady Star of the Sea High School Grosse Pointe, MI

Vita Shannon has been living all over the states from Jamaica Plain, MA, Minnetonka, MN, San Mateo, CA, Rochester, MI, Knoxville, TN and Colorado.