Top 10 Facts About Mickey Rooney Wives and Children

Mickey Rooney, thе exuberant entertainer whо led a roller-coaster life — thе world’s top box-office star аt 19 аѕ thе irrepressible Andy Hardy, a bankrupt has-been in hiѕ 40s, a comeback kid оn Broadway аѕ hе neared 60 — died оn Sunday. Hе wаѕ 93 аnd lived in Westlake Village, Calif. Hiѕ death wаѕ confirmed bу hiѕ ѕоn Michael Joseph Rooney.

We picked top 10 interesting facts about Mickey Rooney´s personal life, including his current wife, his seven ex-wives, sons and daughters, take a look!

#1 Ava Gardner became his first wife in 1942.

He was 22, she was 20. They divorced in 1943.

#2 In 1944 he got married to Betty Jane Phillips an Alabama beauty queen he met while stationed  in the military.

Betty and Mickey had two children together Mickey jr. born in 1945 and Tim born in 1947.  Mickey  and Betty´s marriage ended in 1949. Betty then became B.J Baker then  remarried Buddy Baker  in 1950 and divorced him seven years later, in 1961 she got married to Barney Kessel in 1961 and remained married until 1980. She died of complications from a stroke in 2002 at the age of 74.

#3 In June, 1949 he got married to actress Martha Vickers.

They had one son together Teddy Rooney born  on April 3, 1950. Mickey and Martha divorce on September 25, 1951. In 1954 Mrs. Vickers got married to actor Manuel Rojas, they divorced in 1965. She passed away at 46 in November, 1971 of esophageal cancer.

#4 On November 18, 1952 Mickey got married for the fourth time.

Elaine Devry Mickey Rooney

Elaine Devry, the actress known for her roles in the Cheyenne Social Club, Herbie Rides and Diary of a Madman. They divorced on May 18, 1959.

#5 Carolyn Mitchell born Barbara Ann Thomason became his fifth wife.

 Barbara Ann Thomason Mickey Rooney Barbara Ann Thomason

They got married in a secret ceremony in Mexico on December 1st, 1958. Carolyn  won the Miss Surfestival, Miss Bay Beach and Miss Muscle Beach. she appeared in “Dragstrip Riot,” featuring Fay Wray, and “The Cry Baby Killer,” starring Jack Nicholson.

Barbara Ann Thomason carolynMitchell Barbara Ann Thomason carolyn Mitchell

Mickey and Carolyn had four children together Kelly Ann born on September 13, 1959, Kerry Yule, was born on December 30, 1960, son Michael Joseph, born on April 2, 1962, and a third daughter, Kimmy Sue, born on September 13, 1963.

#6 Carolyn Mitchell was murdered on January 31st, 1966 by her  lover

Milos Milosevics Carolyn Mitchell Barbara Ann Thomason

Milos Milosevics, a 24-year-old Yugoslavian actor they met thru a friend.  Mickey and Carolyn filed for separation on December 1965, аftеr whiсh Milosevics moved intо thе Brentwood house tо live with Barbara аnd hеr fоur children bу Mickey.

Mickey filed fоr divorce оn January 19, 1966, citing mental cruelty. In hiѕ suit, Mickey asked thе court fоr a restraining order tо kеер Milosevics оut оf thе Brentwood house. Barabra began tо panic whеn ѕhе learned thаt ѕhе might lose hеr children in a custody battle due tо hеr adultery. On hiѕ part, Milosevics bесаmе jealous whеn hе realized ѕhе wаѕ соnѕidеring returning tо Mickey. Hе wаѕ еvеn mоrе incensed whеn hе heard a tape recording оf a conversation bеtwееn Barbara аnd Mickey, discussing thе divorce suit. On thе tape, made bу a private detective оn January 20, 1966 with thе hеlр оf Barbara аnd Milosevics, ѕhе tells Mickey thаt ѕhе will nоt ѕее Milosevics again, еvеn аѕ a friend. Afterwards, Mickey checked in tо thе hospital fоr treatment оf аn exotic blood disease hе hаѕ picked uр оn location.

rooney_children_daughters kimmy kelly kerry

Hеr bоdу wаѕ found bу hеr friend Wilma Catania аnd thе maid forced open thе locked door оf thе master bedroom with a screwdriver. In thе bathroom, thеу found thе bodies оf Barbara аnd Milosevics. Shе wаѕ lying оn hеr back, shot thrоugh thе jaw, Milosevics bеѕidе her, face down, a bullet hоlе in hiѕ temple. Milosevic hаd shot Barbara with Mickey’s chrome-plated

#7  On September 10, 1966 he found love for the sixth time.

Margaret Lane  Mickey Rooney

His marriage to Margaret Lane a good friend of his late wife Carolyn/ Barbara who help him cope with the tragedy and helped him with his children, they separated after two months of their Las Vegas wedding and were divorced on December 14, 1967.

#8 He had two more children  from his seventh wife Carolyn Hockett.

He got  married to Carolyn Hockett on May 27, 1969; she was 23 years younger and a single mother of her son Jimmy who he later adopted.

Carolyn Hocklett Mickey Rooney seventh wife

Mickey and Carolyn had one daughter together Jonelle Rooney, born January 11, 1970. They were divorced on January 24, 1975

#9 His eight wife was Jan Rooney  aka Jan Chamberlain, a divorced singer mother of two sons.

Jan chamberlain Rooney Mickey Rooney  wife

Jan has two sons Chris and Mark Aver from his first marriage to Lynn Aber. She and mickey got married on August 7, 1978. Her son Christopher Aber was hit with a restraining order filed by Mickey who claimed Chris withheld food and medication from him.  He testified on elder abuse. They reached an agreement in October, 2011.

Christopher Aber Mickey Rooney

Jan said she was informed of mickey´s death by her son Mark with whom he actor was living at his Studio City Home çhe shared with his wife Charlene who was acting in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, one of Mickey´s three latest films.

Mark Aber charlene Aber Mickey Rooney pic

#10 Some  of Mickey Rooney´s sons have followed his steps others took another path.

Mickey´s son Mickey Jr. the eldest child of Mickey Rooney once a child actor,  is a  born again Christian, he lives in California with his wife Christi Brown;  he has an evangelical ministry.

Mickey Rooney Jr mickey Rooney son

Teddy Rooney appeared in the 1958 film Andy Hardy Comes Home the also appeared in 12 more films, his last  acting job was in 1963 in the television series  McHale´s Navy.


Teddy Rooney Mickey Rooney son pic

his son Michael is the famous choreographer  famous for  his work It´s Oh So Quiet (Björk), Praise You (Fat Boy Slim), Can´t Get You Out of My Head (Kylie Minogue)

Michael Rooney Mickey Rooney son pic

Michael Rooney Mickey Rooney son

Tim Rooney his second Oldest son born on January 4, 1947  from his marriage to  Mickey´s second marriage to Betty Jane Baker, passed away at 59 on September 23, 2006.

Tim Rooney Mickey Rooney pic Tim Rooney Mickey Rooney son

Tim who suffered from dermatomyositis a muscle disease had appeared in several films including Mickey, with his famous father. His son Jimmy who was born in 1966,  is the son of his seventh wife Carolyn Hockett, who he later adopted.

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