Steven Fanning: Dakota Fanning’s Hot Father


Have you ever taken a close look at Steven Fanning a.k.a Dakota’s dad? Don’t you think he is hot?!


The 47-year-old was recently spotted at at basketball game with his first born daughter looking good!


According to the Dakota and Elle Fanning fan website, Steven Fanning was born May 16, 1967.  He grew up in Georgia, where he was pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. He has eight siblings, including sisters Gail, Linda, Susanne, Carolyn, and Laura, and brother Michael.


Both of his daughters 20-year-old Dakota and 16-year-old Elle, with wife Heather Joy Arrington decided to pursue careers in acting. Dakota made her debut at age 7 in the fil “I Am Sam” and Elle started acting by playing the younger version of her sister.


He is seen with both Dakota and Elle from time to time but is a very private dude.


The family website also says because of his work commitments he can’t always accompany his daughters when they film movies.

Steve now works as an electronics salesman in Los Angeles. Any thoughts on him?

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