Sheila Hafsadi: Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone’s Wife


26-year-old Sheila Hafsadi is the lovely wife of Twilight actor, hunky Jackson Rathbone. The couple has been married for little over a year but they are certainly having some unforgettable experiences! We are happy to inform they are safe and sound but earlier today Sheila and her hubby and young son had a life/death scare!

Born Sheila Tamar Hafsadi on October 21, 1987 in Israel; like her husband she is also an artist just from a different kind.


She is a burlesque dancer, she was a member of the reckless dames and she also worked as a hairdresser. The girl has done it all, according to website she was also a singer for the band “A Hunters Pace” (Check her out below) and has the singing part to share with hubby.

She and Jackson met in 2011, fast forward 2012 and she gave birth to the couple’s first son (only son for  now) Monroe on July 5, 2012. She is also related to Graciela Hafsadi, Eyal Hafsadi and Melani Hafsadi.


Before she met her hubby she lived in Florida where she was actually a vegetarian, now she eats meat here and there. The couple married on Sunday, Sept. 29 2013, two years after meeting in Fort Lauderdale on Rathbone’s tour stop with his band, 100 Monkeys.


Continuing with our original story, the tatted up mom and her family made an emergency landing in Long Beach,  after one of the engines of their plane exploded and the cabin was filled with smoke! Her hubby then documented the whole thing on his WhoSay account . After the right engine went kaput on a JetBlue flight heading for Austin, Texas from the LBC.
Jackson claims the oxygen masks didn’t deploy when the plane got smokey — so the flight attendant had to manually release them. TMZ reports one person was hospitalized for shortness of breath once they landed!
Rathbone says things got so scary while they were on the way down he grabbed his son and wife Sheila tightly and started praying. You know what they say about a family that prays together…

We are glad to know Sheila and both her boys are ok.