Sebastian Wells Back to the Future Claudia Wells’ Son

Meet Sebastian Wells

Sebastian Wells  is the son of actress, Claudia Wells. You might know his mom from her acting on the iconic movie “Back To The Future.”

For all the fans out there, today is a pretty special day. Oct. 21, 2015 is the date Marty and Doc travel back to in ‘BTTF2.’ Though not many of the movie predictions are accurate, is still pretty cool to get to, today! Specially for the film’s cast.

According to TMZ the whole cast of BTTF will be reunited at the Lincoln Center in NYC tonight. The whole gang hasn’t been together since the 1989 premiere of ‘BTTF2.’

Claudia Wells, better is best known as Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer Parker. You might think we mean, actress Elisabeth Shue, but no. It was Claudia Wells who played the role of Jennifer Parker in the first film.


According to her website,  actress was born, Claudia Grace Wells on July 5, 1966, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She spent part of her childhood in Venezuela. She graduated high school in San Francisco, California.

Following some TV work, Wells landed her role as Jennifer Parker. However she had to drop the role for an ABC pilot she had done and had been picked up. It seamed like she was destined to play Jennifer. By the time Michael J. Fox was casted, her pilot was finished and she was re casted as Jennifer.

Due to her mother’s cancer diagnose, Claudia was unable to return for the sequels.

Her acting career was put in hold. In 1991, she opened a high-end men’s resale shop Armani Wells, which she still runs. Besides being a television star, movie star, entrepreneur, founding board member of Kids in the Spotlight, Claudia, is also a mother.



The 49-year-old is the mother of one son, Sebastian Wells, who is 20-years-old. When asked about his son, being interested in the industry, she said:

No, but he was for a minute when he was growing up. He was the cutest baby you ever did see and actually looked like the Gerber baby so everyone wanted me to put him in the business, but I absolutely refused. He’s now into debate and is going to Vegas with his school, Notre Dame, to do a debate competition.

A couple of weeks ago he went to Fullerton University with his school to do a debate tournament. He got to the octo level and won a trip. He also plays tenor sax in the school band and is, like my dad, an intellectual guy who’s actually not interested in the creative bent of life.

As for her, according to People, she’s become a fixture of the convention circuit, meeting fans of Back to the Future all over the world. In the past few years, acting roles have regularly been coming her way again, she says.

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