Who is screenwriter Graham Moore’s Girlfriend?


Watched the Oscars last night? Well, here one of the most commentated winners of the night: 32-year-old screenwriter Graham Moore who collected Best Adapted Screenplay award.

During his speech Moore took it up a notch and made himself more famous than he was. Moore is now the author of one best-selling novel, worked with Benedict Cumberbatch, won an Oscar, and is currently working on The Devil in the White City; and after last night he is also the guy who tried to kill himself while in his teens.


The Chicago native and the son of two lawyers, revealed to his distinguished audience, he tried to commit suicide and urged kids who feel different to ‘stay weird’ as he accepted the award.


During an interview in 2013 he told BuzzFeed, following graduation from Columbia University he started writing and came up the an idea for a screenplay while out drinking with his friend Ben Epstein. In that same interview he makes a reference to his girlfriend saying:

“I would say, in fact, that the wealthiest writers I know have never had anything made. There’s this line in Mad Men that my girlfriend and I are always quoting to each other. Peggy and Don are having a fight because he’s keeping her at work late at night. I’m going to mangle the line, but it’s something like, Don says, “I pay you a salary, so you’re here. You work for me,” and Peggy says, “No, I give you all these good ideas and you take all the credit. I don’t get any credit for what I do.” He just looks at her and goes, “That’s what the money is for.”


Sweet deal? Unfortunately he is very private about  his stuff and we have no idea who the gal who inspires him is.

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