R. Lee Ermey’s Wife Nila Ermey

Nila Ermey

Meet Mrs. Nila Ermey; she is the loving and beautiful wife of  Full Metal Jacket actor R. Lee Ermey. In addition to his role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the 1987 film Full Metal Jacket, he was famous for his work with the Military. He was 74, when he died on April 15, 2018, from complications with pneumonia.

Nila Ermey

As you all know, Emporia, Arkansas native, R. Lee Ermey born Ronald Jack Ermey on March 24, 1944,  was married to Nila affectionally called Mrs. Gunny, mum of his four grown children.

Mrs. Ermey was born Marianila Ypon on February 20, 1957, in Manila, Philippines. She met her husband after he moved to Manila from Vietnam. According to him after he retired from the Military he bought a run-down bar and a whorehouse in Okinawa, but the  FBI was on his trail so he flew to the Philippines.

“After medical retirement from the Corps, I didn’t know what to do, so I bought a run-down bar and whorehouse in Okinawa.”

”I was doing a little black-marketing and the Okinawan FBI was hot on my trail, so I boogied on out to the Philippines.”

They tied the knot in 1975; together they had four amazing children; CBS Radio producer and Arizona State graduate Evonne, Betty, Clinton, owner of Calicreative Photography.