Patricia Ann Vincent: Airwolf star Jan- Michael Vincent’s Wife


61-year-old Patricia Ann Vincent revealed during a recent interview to The National ENQUIRER that while her husband of over a decade, retired actor Jan Michael Vincent; was recovering from a drastic surgery, she was forced to “be brave for him” despite wanting to faint.


Patricia and Jan-Michael tied the knot in 1999, the following year he, spent 60 days in jail for violating probation by being drunk in public. He was arrested July, 2000 for battering his then fiancee, Patricia. According to weht he last appeared in a movie called Whiteboy, directed by Abel Ferrara in 2002, in it he plays a racist sheriff.

According to the page Jan and Anna have known each other for at least 25-years.


In 1984 her hubby was on top, the Airwolf 1984 movie and subsequent television series gave him the celeb status, however his life was plagued by controversy, substance abuse and a lousy attitude.

The former actor has a history of cocaine and alcohol abuse, which reportedly contributed to the cancellation of his CBS-TV series Airwolf in 1986 and sent his career into B-action-movie oblivion. He starred in the low budget The Ice Cream Man in 1995.

Vincent’s tough-guy persona off camera led to several run-ins with the law. He was sued last year for $5 million by a woman who claimed to live with Vincent and said he pummeled and kicked her in the abdomen, causing a miscarriage. In 1994, the actor’s second  wife, Joanne Robinson Vincent, obtained a restraining order against him, claiming years of physical and sexual abuse. He was also arrested for drug possession in 1988 and convicted in 1983 of drunk driving.

He was first married to Bonnie Portman from 1974-1975 and whom he met while at Venture College, then married and soon had a child. She gave birth to a daughter named Amber Springbird.

Not much is known about Patricia or why she has stood by him through the years. On The NE interview, her hubby now 69, is seen strapped to a wheel chair after a leg infection nearly took his life. Instead it took the majority of his right leg. Patricia then helped him learn to walk with a prosthetic limb.

Although it seems he’s doing better. Patricia did revealed they owe about $70,000 in back taxes.