Neil Shackell- Strictly Come Dancing Fiona Fullerton’s Husband

Neil Shackell picture

Who would have thought a business man would be dancing on this season’s Strictly Come Dancing, but though we didn’t expect, you will see Neil Shackell, Fiona Fullerton’s Husband doing so!

Neil Shackell married Fiona on 1994 and they are still together. Neil Shackell met her through her cousin, Nigel Fullerton. He was working as a computer marketing executive then. The couple now live in the Cotswold with son James and their daughter Lucy.

Fiona, the ex bond girl never imagined she would marry a businessman and ever live in Gloucestershire with their daughter, Lucy, 17, and stepson, James, 23.

She recalls:

In 1994, I became reacquainted with an old family friend, Neil Shackell, and we fell deeply in love. I’d been married before [to actor Simon MacCorkindale, whom she divorced in 1981], but it hadn’t been the happiest period of my life. Neil was different.
We married and had our child, Lucy, in 1995, while also raising Neil’s son, James, by his late wife. Happily married and a new mum, I became even more disillusioned with the industry, and in 1996 a terrible incident made me rethink my career entirely. There was a knock on my door while Nick was at work, and I opened it to find a murderous madman on my doorstep, with a gun. I found out that the only reason he didn’t shoot was because I had my baby girl in my arms. It was a defining moment in my life and it was then that I realised I wanted to escape the limelight.

Neil’s quick facts

He works as a Business Development Director at HCL Axon and before he did as a Sales Director at Mouchel, also as Business Development Director at Liberata.

He studied in King Edwards. This guy is a pro at expertise requests and business deals.

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