Nancy Motes- Julia Roberts’ Half Sister Dies of Apparent Drug Overdose


We all heard when Nancy Motes –Julia Robert’s half sister –invited her famous older sister to her wedding last year and got a no for an answer. Julia reportedly rejected the wedding invitation from Nancy. The reason why Julia decided to skip her sister’s nuptials to John Dilbeck was because she did not approve of the choice of the husband of her little sister. The comments were later dismissed by Nancy.

But none of that sisterly fighting matters now, since we regret to inform as many online sites have, the sad demise of 37-year-old Nancy.

Nancy, the daughter of Julia’s mother Betty Lou who went on to marry Michael Motes as her second husband was born in 1976, she grew up in the State of Georgia. Unfortunately the two sisters have never been on the best of terms as reports of feud between them have been widely covered by media. Her other siblings include Eric Roberts, 57, and Lisa Roberts Gillan, 48, who are also actors. nancy-motes (1)

One of those “misunderstandings” was taking in the form of reports of Julia getting disgusted with Nancy because of her excess body weight. That allegedly prompted Nancy to get gastric bypass surgery so she could drop from her high of nearly 300 lbs. down to a slim 155 lbs.


She had the procedure done in June 2010. During interviews Motes always referred to herself as an awkward child and was described many time as the “ugly duckling half-sister.”

After graduating high school, Motes headed to Los Angeles in January 1995 to pursue an acting career of her own. But her body image problems and a not very supportive Julia made her change her mind. Instead it was known her sister got her a job as a production assistant on the hit TV show, “Glee.”



When Nancy was seven-years-old, her mother divorced Motes, citing cruelty and stating that marrying him was the biggest mistake of her life. Nancy who was reportedly living a new life in Malibu with Fiancé Dilbeck, was hoping to get back on track her relationship with Julia but unfortunately she died on Sunday, her family confirmed the news to People earlier today.

Nancy’s body was found lifeless of what appears to be a drug overdose. The family is certainly devastated and still in shock and no word on Julia has been reported so far and they are still waiting for an official report from the coroner’s office.

Our deepest condolences to her family.