Naked Scandal! J-Law, Kate Upton Leaked Photos, who Leaked Tem???


Nowadays it doesn’t matter who you are everyone is utterly afraid when we listen to the word hacker! And with all files and personal stuff being saved in the cloud sometimes we just don’t know how safe is our stuff “up there”

But let’s face it, for celebs it gets even worse when hackers get a hold of private files like photos or videos, it’s their worst nightmare (at least for those who haven’t shown that much in movies already). And that’s our story today. By now you’ve probably heard about or seen the images of several celebrities were leaked!

A hacker apparently has obtained graphic naked cell phone photos of numerous celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and 22-year-old Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton, and leaked them online.



The photos first appeared on a 4Chan thread (very NSFW). So far, only Lawrence’s publicist Bryna Rifkin has confirmed, in an official statement to Buzzfeed, that the photos were of her client.

The leaked photos were allegedly obtained via a massive hack of Apple’s iCloud. They were then posted on 4chan by users offering more explicit material in exchange for bitcoin payments.

The Guardian reported on Monday that the photos could have been obtained through a phishing or email password account hack.

A list of more than 100 alleged victims reportedly has also appeared online. The hacker claims to have more nude photos and sex videos.

That list includes Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, Avril Lavigne, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Aubrey Plaza, Winona Ryder, Krysten Ritter, Yvonne Strahovski and Teresa Palmer, according to TMZ and other news outlets.

Other victims reportedly include athletes such as Hope Solo and McKayla Maroney.


“This is a flagrant violation of privacy,” Lawrence’s representatives told TMZ. “The authorities have been contacted, and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”

As for Kate, representatives for the model said they were “looking into” the authenticity of the indecent images.


Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, confirmed photos of her were real and joins the slew of other celebrities whose alleged naked photos were exposed Sunday while Glee star Becca Tobin, Ariana Grande have pronounced themselves saying photos, of them, are fake. Other publications say Kate Upton’s guy Justin Verlander, has also been added to the list of celebrities involved in an alleged nude photo hack!

The apparent nude image is a “selfie-style” bathroom mirror picture, which seems to have been taken by the buxom blonde bombshell with her cell phone. The two appear to have their backsides facing the mirror and the only thing they are wearing is a smile.

This is a very unfortunate event if it happened to you, what would you have done to the responsible?